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deeldbags bj astina build

G'day, i'm a 22 yo ****kicker from victoria. in this thread you'll see the progress shots of an engine transplant from a 1.8l protege (platinum edition(better seats + tach looks like sp20)) to my astina.

Back story; bought the car 2 months ago, worked great, 325xxxkms on the clock, started burning oil, blow the head and eventually blew the engine on a road-trip with my dog through the otway ranges and great ocean road a couple weekends ago. Bought a $400 wrecked car from a private seller who took the front end off for their smashed up protege and needed to get rid of the rolling shell. car has 390xxxkm on the engine, chassis is ****ed. engine is good. seems like it's had a re-build at some point in it's life and regularly serviced. Moral of the story - i'm flat broke and this was the cheapest option as i love the hatchback version too much.

First off here's the car a couple days after i got it (removed hub caps, installed racks + kayak rack) ->

Just a photo for ****s and gigs of how much i am attached to the car already ->

Here's it on the road trip where it ****ed up->

here it is with no front end side by side with the donor car->

quick old and new comparison for now
old engine; changed oil - did 500kms topped it up 3 times and it was so black and thick and screwed just not seerviced and looked after well->

New engine looks well looked after; this is how i got it ->

egine is the fs9 1.8L manual
My plans-
most of the old parts on my car are new on the other car. so i plan to mix and match what i can (power steering pulley e.tc) and replace the engine.

the clutch in the new engine is rooted so new clutch.

Things to buy and plans-
Service **** (liquids/oils/filters/sparks)
Replace Clutch
Exhaust manifold + gaskets
Rear end exhaust
New radiator
Cold air intake
Valve seals + gaskets
Steel brake lines
Switch over seats + tach
New smaller bits and bobs

So far i have removed both wire looms, free'd the engine ready to come out and am starting to order **** offline

Hope this is at least interesting. will post more updates as i go.

any advice you wanna throw at me, or want to input go for it, im all ears. i have the engine bay nearly empty and just the engine. and will be re-putting together most of the components around the engine so feel free to hit me up with what you'd like to see or where i can get some cheap parts


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!! Welcome To AstinaGT !!

Nice write up, hopefully all gos to plan and no real drama's with it.
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Welcome to AGT mate, good to see another 1.8FP champane hatch going around
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Welcome to AGT

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Welcome aboard.
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nice looking photos. did you put new mods on your car?
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