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Originally Posted by Rupewrecht
The only moderator is Kitty, actually. You need to validate your sooks better, Gav.

And the BA gets driven in and out of the carport every month or so
But it's going to be gone soon...
My sooks are just and righteous MacDandhi.
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Originally Posted by Rupewrecht
But it's going to be gone soon...

Its what?!
King Spring Lows, TWM short shifter, split eardrums, blah blah blah and a little voice saying "I wish I had a turbo"

Updated 2007-03-19: Readers Rides Finally upgraded from the stock headunit
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*My Moderator senses are tingling......*

I'm here for you Gav, really I am......

I need to copy Dan's post into the OMC thread
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What on earth is this thread still going on for
It seems its just an excuse to talk smack
So in effect its just a lounge in NT
Let it die as it did a long time ago
some people just cant seem to let go
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