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howdy all

i've been reading this forum countless times since i started researching and then bought an sp20 three months back. loads of great advice and knowledge and opinions from good people.

i got an sp20 because i wanted a sporty hatch and can't afford to buy or run a wrx. i enjoy spirited driving on mtn roads and sometimes load up and go camping on weekends. eventually it will become my daily drive and be loaded up with tools and gear during the day.

i found a 2003 beauty with 128k with complete genuine service history, fully stock, great nick, got it for $7500. i'd like to keep it for at least five years, about another 100k.

i converted the foggies to hid high beams. i've removed the rear seats and seatbelts and built a quality lightweight cargo floor. i've got a progress swaybar in the post, thanks to astinagt for the heads up on that one.

sadly though this intro gets a bit depressing now. today i'm home in brissy and my car is in moree nsw where i had to leave it on the weekend. after some reading here i'm certain i have fallen victim to the dreaded vics curse. i'm gonna need a bit of advice, i'll start it in a new thread soon.

good to be here
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Welcome to AGT mate,
Sad to hear about this problem with your car.
What symptoms has it got?? Or start the new thread and we can chat on that one,

You have joined with a strong local community around home, you'll meet some great people, and some will become you new best mates.

Have any pics of the beast??

Again welcome
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Welcome to AGT

But sorry to hear if it's the VICS thing

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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Join Date: Oct 2013
Location: paddington, Qld
Car: sp20
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cheers guys

i'll get the thread about my stuffed engine started asap, but probably won't be tonight, alas the life of a hard working bachelor, 7.30 and already bed is looking pretty good, so's dinner!

but i do really need to chat about it, going to need to get my engine taken to bits it seems. hopefully some brissy guys can point me in some good directions.
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welcome, hope it's not too bad.
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