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[AUS] Official Mazda items - Press kit/Color book/Stickers

Item: Mazda 1999 Tokyo Motor Show Press Kit


Description: 1999 Tokyo Motor Show Press Kit
A4 folder that contains:
cd rom with concept cars
photos of concept cars/engines
32 page A4 book on the rotary engine - history/models/birth/renesis
40 page A4 book about 1999-2000 models/concept cars/fcev engine
A4 news bulletins
A4 book (pearlescent finish) on RX-Evolv - beautiful concept drawings/development

Price: AUD$30 + postage

Item: Misc Mazda stickers


Genuine Mazda stickers

'Zoom Zoom' sticker. Black. Approx 60cm x 11cm
'Zoom Zoom happens' sticker. Orange. GONE!
SOLD 'Zoom Zoom' sticker. Blue. SOLD!

Conditon: New

Price: AUD$best offer for each (free shipping!)

Item: Mazda Aus Color book


Description: genuine Mazda Australia color chart - covering all 1999 models. Lists what colors with which model, has cutaway drawings of each car, and color samples of all Mazda paint colors and their codes.

Price: $20 + postage

Sourcing your not-quite-overnight parts from Japan


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