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2003 SP20 BJ11 J48

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2003 SP20 BJ11 J48
SOLD 2011

2003 SP20 bJ11 J48

Engine and drivetrain

- the engine is stock as a rock
- K&N FULL CAI Intake system NEW
- painted brake callapers colour matched to car
- RDA slotted rotors and pads
- RDA Brake fluid
- New engine mounts with inserts (she is stiff now )
- mazda alarm system
- HD Exede Clutch
- My first Dyno run at 84.3 KW's
- Skid pan Day

Audio & interior

- Clarion VRX485VD 7 in. Touchscreen Motorized Car DVD Player NEW

- Kenwood KDV-MP7439 head unit (old unit)
- Eclipse 6 inch speakers in the rear doors
- Eclipse split's in front doors
- Sound deading the doors to get that better, clearer sound quality
- Boss audio 1000 watt amp
- Pioneer champion series 12inch 1200watt sub
- Custom Sub Box
- AIR/Fuel, Oil Pressure and Voltage gauges
- Scangauge II
- Short shifter
- MSP Shifter Knob NEW


- costom PERRY muffler and a 4 inch tip (thanks to gav )
- standard exhaust manifold and mid pipe

Rolling Goodies

- 16inch mags with kohuo 195/50/r16 tires (old/skid tires)
- 18inch MPS 3 rims with Kumho Ku31 tread
- 17inch Zumbo F873's NEW
- Cosco under arm brace
- Eibach pro springs with the stock struts (35mm drop)
- New AUTOEXE front strut brace NEW
- New AUTOEXE Rear strut brace NEW


- debaded tail gate
- New Eye lids (installed) NEW
- New Front Grill (uninstalled)
- Sport 20 sticker's
- 4600k High and Low beam Head Lights
- SMD parker bulbs
- custom bonnet rattel.
- BMW Shark Fin

Sitting in shed

- Chrome dial rings (awaiting install)
- New EXEDY HD clutch KIT (MZK-7126HD)(installed)
- New Head lights (Thanks Rupe)
- New gear knob (installed)
- new shift bushings
- Haltech E6X
- MSP Exhaust manifold and S-pipe
- MSP TURBO (GT25) with cooling lines and oil lines
- Sport20 roof racks
- Wind deflectors

Mod's in the future

- Sp20 cam's Reground to Race Spec
- BC Coilovers
- Rear sway bar
- Rear strut brace (installed) NEW
- Mfactory lsd
- Rebuilt gear box.

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Member: Mad Mat
Created: 09-02-2007 11:40 PM
Last Modified: 15-10-2012 03:47 PM
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Author Comment Date
NSP20 Looks great! Nice work 06-08-2011
PierresAstina Nice car mate done really well 06-08-2011
EVADE lovin that gauges=) 28-06-2010
marcs_sp20 needs more lower 30-12-2009
Mad Mat i'll use the coal to burn ur car to the ground. not before i take ur engine marc :P hee hee 08-12-2009
marcs_sp20 and now all your getting for Xmas is COAL!!! Muahahaha! 03-12-2009
Mad Mat ya i wonder who took them. hmmmmm santa and his new camera 03-12-2009
marcs_sp20 Woah they are some awesome pics Mat, wonder who took them 02-12-2009
Ice88 some pics are brokes 10-10-2009
Mad Mat lol thanks guys.... ya i'm joining the goup marc wink wink. hmmm and ya the decals ryan look better up close too... but i love it ... couple of more things to go on before the next cruise so hopefully be done buy then 17-08-2009
marcs_sp20 copy cat If you cant beat'em, join'em aye Mat 16-08-2009
70NYD i like it alot 16-08-2009
project.r.racing rims = awesome, tyres = awesome, sport20 decals = dunno? 16-08-2009
shorty3.8 new rims look hot bro 16-08-2009
Rix Its shiny 01-08-2009
Mad Mat i havn't updated the pictures yet lol give me a minute 24-06-2009
marcs_sp20 its not low enough in the rear 24-06-2009
Mad Mat ow so sweat u can taste it muhahahaha 15-02-2009
marcs_sp20 sweet ride 04-01-2009
Mad Mat thanks man. should put up ur car too. be fully sic like the rest of us hee hee 03-01-2009
shorty3.8 bout time u put the new car up bro looks good!!!! 02-01-2009
Mad Mat there u go buddy. 02-01-2009
marcs_sp20 Throw up some piccies of the new beast Mat 21-10-2008
Mad Mat hey. i got it in a group buy last year. cosy about 100 dollarish from memory. but u can get them from germany. ust ask bourban 19-10-2008
marris hey man where did u get that white cluster face from?? 17-10-2008
shorty3.8 yeh will do n it beta b good,
liking da new car bro good luck with it
Mad Mat DONE look out the front of tub's house hee hee 02-08-2008
shorty3.8 how bout a black line on the road 25-06-2008
Mad Mat hey shorty. the gras was wet and it was on a hill. lol live with it ass :P i'll leave another one if ya want.

joshy62 nice to here man. there are a great car to have. good luck with her
joshy62 pretty good looking ride mate, i just got myself an exact car as that, not in the best condiditon but, it has fairly low K's and it does run... 12-06-2008
shorty3.8 Thanks 4 the burnout up my footparth bro, dont need to mow that part now 10-06-2008
Mad Mat thanks man. want a dohc so bad tho. grr 02-06-2008
marcs_sp20 looks good 02-06-2008
shorty3.8 Thank u mat, should throw a vid up of u at willowbank da other week. nothing wrong with a commodore bro! 27-05-2008
bourbon it will fit...but there ugly...you wont be able to use a gearbox from one though as they run a electronic speedo...we dont we run a cable driven gay one...haha 20-05-2008
Mad Mat lol i'm getting there buddy. just thinking if a ba dohc will fit. 20-05-2008
89sp1.8 when u gonna install that extra cam? lol 20-05-2008
Mad Mat there u go shorty3.8. aka jason u commie dog. lol 19-05-2008
shorty3.8 hay mat its shorty, bet u didnt think id be here now did ya,, Put ur rims back on your car looked beta 17-01-2008
RedLineResident Over months have passed since bourbon shouted "PUT PICCIES UP!!!" and yet nothing. Come on man, pick up your game. 13-09-2007
Mad Mat going good. lol they have made it throw 2 car accidents lol and there painted now yay 15-07-2007
LYNX hows those extractors now matty ? 10-07-2007
Mad Mat MAKE ME................. 09-07-2007
bourbon PUT PICCIES UP!!! 05-07-2007
Mad Mat lol hee hee na its a sohc but i like it. got alot of stuff i can do to it. hee hee. its red like my old one to YAY..................

Kazz ohhh did you get the SP??? or what is it??? is it the white one 07-06-2007
Mad Mat na lookin 4 one. ether an bg sp or a ba hatch 13-05-2007
skitz cheers for the comment mate... sorry to here u wrote her off... got a new ride yet? 13-05-2007
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