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97' Astina 1.8L Hardtop

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97' Astina 1.8L Hardtop

With the purchase of the 3000GT I'll probably be fixing the Astina up for sale/trade in towards a bike. Still fun to take on the twisties though

- Custom CAI
- K&N Panel Filter
- 2.25" Cat back > Straight through > 4" dump tip
- Polished cam cover and exhaust shield
- Braided lines

- JDM front bar + indicator relocation
- Type-R mini-skirts
- Mazda front lip
- Smoked side indicators
- Driving lights
- AstinaGT.com sticker (+100Kw )
- 17x7" Osaka G-TEK

- Cusco front strut brace
- RS*R Springs
- Cusco A-arm brace
- Whiteline rear swaybar

- Tevion headunit (no brand name ). Bluetooth + internal mp3 player
- Polk DB6501 6.5" Component splits
- Kenwood 6x9"s
- Rampage 4ch amp
- Sony 12" Black Sub
- 7" Dash screen with dvd player under seat

- SAAS pedals
- Blue neons in drivers and passenger footwells
- Polished Gauge Rings
- Polished Lantis Sills

- Remote locking
- Center console cupholders

- GT wing
- Shave badges
- Respray in championship white
- Lenso DC5 Charcoal 18" (& v6 hub swap)
- Spray calipers red, black MS logo [started]
- Blue under car neons/LED
- Full length black GT stripes
- Mesh front bumper [started]
- Mazdaspeed front badge [have]
- Replace both bumpers with undamaged spares [need painting]
- Exhaust cam swap
- Improved CAI
- HPC coated Extractors & high flow cat
- Replace dump tip with small twin tips [have]
- Microtech
Interior, ICE & Electrics
- 2-din touchscreen dvd player
- Full alarm system
- White EL dials
- Dash/console painted white and matching trims
- Interior retrim in white/cream
- New mono amp & relocate current amp to boot [started]
- Oil pressure & water temp gauge in custom mount [started]
- Angel eyes [started]
- Automatic window closers [started]

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17x7" Osaka - Cheers Dan Afternoon Sun Glow Smile :) Turning Into Cam And the highbeams aren't even on :) the light, it burns! New lip, also lowered Sept 13 cruise [by Gav]
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Created: 12-06-2007 11:24 PM
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Author Comment Date
DavoAust Lol. I'm not deleting it just yet! Good memories 16-05-2012
Mad Mat oi this isnt ur car no more 16-05-2012
RustyKaos Hows it going with the automatic window closers? 01-11-2009
project.r.racing looking good. lip and front bar looked awesome on the last cruise. i have some a specstickers in brushed metal vinyl if you want them 15-09-2009
DavoAust ahaha ok i'll put it through a car wash and bring a decent camera tues, hopefully i can park it under some decent lights 21-06-2009
Mad Mat new pictures man **** 21-06-2009
marcs_sp20 New pics damnit! 10-06-2009
marcs_sp20 Updated pics yet dave? 07-01-2009
DavoAust gah i've just spent money on it! i'm thinking RS*R springs which will be a while 24-06-2008
marcs_sp20 Agreed, marc & gavspec to the rescue!! 24-06-2008
bourbon you need to lower this now... :P 24-06-2008
bourbon ewwwws! 05-03-2008
DavoAust pfft midget wheels, if i wanted 14" i'd put the BG SP rims back on 05-03-2008
bourbon i think you know need some 14inch supalights 05-03-2008
DavoAust Updated, i forgot all about those yet i look at them everyday 05-03-2008
Hebz Haha - You forgot to mention tha Dial Rings in tha listing.

Remember good dial rings = 10KW ATW
bourbon side on pic of car???? 31-12-2007
DavoAust Ok, new images are up. Looks much better now 30-12-2007
DavoAust :/ knew i forgot something. i'll go out and find somewhere to take some now 30-12-2007
tinastar DAVE!! where are you new pics with the wheels you got off me!? :O 29-12-2007
DavoAust yep and it rips. only headunit i've seen under $400 with bluetooth and the ability to plug in a SD memory card and play music off it, essentially a mp3 player in your car 06-11-2007
marcs_sp20 u got ure headunit from ALDI didnt ya Dont worry, I shop there all the time for cheap groceries 06-11-2007
DavoAust well there was one for sale on here a while back. other than that i'll ask rup to keep out on yahoo japan for me. it wont be for a little while though. i'll see how the JDM bar looks after this weekend and decide if i want it. 27-09-2007
jaimo99 where are you going to get a front lip?????????????????? 27-09-2007
DavoAust bah, this one is nice and neat and sits out of the way (and filled the hole i had ).. i dont really like the cup holder on top of the center console, i'd forever be elbowing my cup 19-06-2007
Rupewrecht You shoulda got the factory JDM 3-cup holder for the BA 18-06-2007
DavoAust yeah hebs, the supercheap ones take one DIN slot, i had 1 left over from the stocker double DIN radio CD player. only painful part is actually securing the damn thing. you'll have to take off the surrounds to put some screws in to hold it (pain in the ass i know, i still havent done it, waiting till i take the cluster apart to put new bulbs ins). 18-06-2007
Hebz Haha - Cup holders niice - I think I might need to get me some, they just slam right in?

The things you can purchase these days. . .

Nice car, car the pin stripe

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