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1995 Mazda Astina

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1995 Mazda Astina
Mazda Astina Hatch BA

General Information:

Username: OZY-323
Name: Osvaldo 'Ozzie' Galindo

Age: 23

Location: Sydney

Vehicle Overview:

Make/Model: BA Astina 1.8L

Year: 1995

Rego: OZY-323

Colour: Faded Emerald Green


Intake/Induction: Oz Sports CAI

Exhaust: 4-2-1 2&1/4" extractors, 2&1/4" Stainless steel Cat, 2" Crush Bent Sports Exhaust

Transmission: Manual with Short Shifter

Drivetrain/clutch: Standard

Electrical: Standard

Other Engine modifications: Rebuilt engine

Power/Torque Before Mods: 92kW when built 1995??

Power/Torque After Mods: 66.8kW at the wheels

Lovells Sports Low Springs (approx 30-40mm)

Wheels: 17"x7" RS GT's

Tyres: Lexani Radials

Brakes: Bendix Ultimates
rotored Disc's

Suspension: Lovell's Springs

Whiteline Front Strut Brace
Whiteline Rear Strut
Whiteline Rear Sway Bar


Audio/Electrical - Interior:

Amplifier: Coustic 500W

Speakers: Pioneer 6" Splits Kevlar series, Pioneer 6x9" kevlar series (new)

Subwoofer: Pioneer 12"

Headunit: Pioneer CD/DVD

Other Audio: 7" Slide out Screen

Lighting (internal/external): Green Neons

Navigation: Nokia E65 tomtom

Other: Stainless steel Checkerplate Mats, EL Dials (white), I-Pod Adapter


Customised Front Bumper, black chrome tail lights

Some Pic's

Dyno Results:

1st Dyno Results

hoping to improve this by next dyno day maybe by another 20kW or so hehehe

Future Plans for car:

Custom Boot Install
a good detail
maybe re-carpet
Beef up the Internals
Microtech LT10s

Dream Car/s:

Mazda RX3 done up to the max!!!!
Nissan 350Z

Gallery Statistics
Member: OZY-323
Created: 29-09-2007 10:44 AM
Last Modified: 16-12-2008 10:29 PM
Views: 6685
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Comments: 12

Author Comment Date
tonio Hey ozzy. Cars looking good mate. I'm hopeing to get my astina dyno'd soon to have an idea on how much it's pulling out. I got an Apexi turbo timer the other day. I have to change the clutch soon........again 11-12-2008
OZY-323 yeah, i was still unhappy with the results. lol and all the patchy work with paint and bog.... but it looks better now and hopefully goes better too. 28-10-2008
project.r.racing cool pic on the dyno 27-10-2008
OZY-323 not really sure? sorry, it was the first time on and i couldn't really talk to the Dyno techs as there were a load of other cars getting Dynoed... 15-09-2008
project.r.racing 66.8kW at what rpm? 14-09-2008
OZY-323 nope, i wrote it off, and i put it back together!! 12-09-2008
robm nice ride . Hey, did u buy this as a repairable write-off, cause i did as well 12-09-2008
Red Fire Gee this is nice. Inspiring for me :-) 29-05-2008
OZY-323 certainly does. but it looks good... 31-10-2007
RedLineResident i bet that gearknob get a bit hot when it sits in the sun for a while. 31-10-2007
OZY-323 thanks i still gotta put the finishing touches.... 01-10-2007
project.r.racing hehe thats a very ghetto style intake system 30-09-2007
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