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1964 Volkswagen Beetle

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1964 Volkswagen Beetle
1964 Volkswagen Type 1 Beetle

(because everyone else has non-Mazdas up here :P )

Engine & Drivetrain:
1500 Single port engine.
Heavy duty 1500 clutch
Worn bearings in the gearbox that make it sound like i have a supercharger

Painted in Satin Black
Custom mix Red sides with Fire Red metal flake in the clearcoat
Shaved Aerial
Polished Eyelids
EMPI flared exhaust tips
Deleted bumper overrider holes
Chromed T Bar bumpers
Motorcycle side mirrors
Britax ragtop sunroof
Clear front guard indicator lenses
US-spec Red tail lights
Girly Stickers on the rear side windows

Multicolor, and in need of love. It is a love bug after all.
Deluxe grey interior
Superior 500 13.5" wood steering wheel
Radio block-off plate
8-ball gearknob on custom shortshifter
Padded red parcel shelf
Oscillating 2 speed fan under the dash

In-Car Entertainment:
Phoenix Gold 4" Co-axial Speakers x 2
Earthquake 10" sub in prefax box.
Kicker ZX200.2 amp, with extractor fan.
The dodgy accelerator pedal

Rolling Stock:
Front: 145/65/15 Bridgestone B340s
Rear: 165/80/15 Hankook Centums
Omega Whitewall inserts
Standard wheels repainted custom mix Red with Fire Red metal flake
Hubcaps deleted
12 of camber at the rear!

Brakes & Suspension:
Stock drums all round!
3.5" narrowed front beam, retaining shock towers, with shortened tie rods
CB Performance drop spindles
Rear spring plates notched, and lowered 2 inner/2 outer splines

Slow. Extremely slow.
But it grips well!

Future Plans/In Progress:
Installing my red vinyl Cobra Classic racing buckets
Retrimming the rear seat and door panels to match the Cobra seats
Painting the interior metal to match the new trim

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1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 2296 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 2297 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 2298 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 2299 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 2313 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 2314 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 2315 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3539 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3540 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3541 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3542 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3543 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3544 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3545 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3546 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3547 1964 Volkswagen Beetle - Photo 3548
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Author Comment Date
phildough I love this car man, I want one!!! 29-09-2011
Rupewrecht LOL mine does shoot flames Cheers for the kind words 24-01-2011
mikey_something man this is the exact sort of thing i wish my dad had done to his.
instead it had a hole in the door... and when you touched the accelerator flames shot out the exhaust... and as u were driving the rear view mirror would fall off.

this is a cool car man love it.
BGSP Ah, I've only heard the myths, nice to see a classic non piece of engineering on here. 01-05-2010
Rupewrecht They don't fit - it's a myth! No reason to anyway, when a 2166cc Beetle engine will hand a Porsche its arse on a platter. 24-04-2010
BGSP If you can afford it, go with an old 911 engine :P 23-04-2010
Mad Mat i love this car. my gf has a 1971 beatle. with the 1600 engine. goes quite well but her dad has the 1973 beatle with a 2300cc turbo engine street/drag car. can't wait till warick VW drag weekend. u would love it dan 16-12-2009
Pattax Love that paint on the side panels. Oldchool! 01-11-2009
Rupewrecht I think they kinda ignore it because they figure it's not going to be quick - so i'm not tearing up the streets doing burnouts haha. Having said that, i usually see their head follow the car as i drive the opposite way! 16-10-2009
marcs_sp20 I still cant believe you drive this daily being sooo looow! whats the hog attention like? 15-10-2009
tinastar rupe.. this car suits you! 26-11-2007
SehnKhan I love this thing! 22-11-2007
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