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1995 Mazda BA 323 - 1.8 Turbo

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1995 Mazda BA 323 - 1.8 Turbo

1995 323 Hatch

Brief Features :
Full BPT Turbo engine transplant
Competition-oriented SQ audio system
damn noisy exhaust - Maglaflow 'Camaro/Firebird' muffler
Custom interior with red and cream trim
Full customized body kit
Respray with green pearl
17" rims

Sitting in the cupboard waiting to go in :

DBA Slotted Brake Rotors,
Bendix Brake Pads
Motul Brake Fluid
IHI VJ20/VF12 hybrid Turbo Upgrade
Wolf3D v4 EMS
Replacement engine loom
New Spoiler ( replica from BA XR8 )
CAI/airbox bits

As seen in Hot4s ! ( issue 112 I think ? )

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1995 Mazda BA 323 - 1.8 Turbo - Photo 556 1995 Mazda BA 323 - 1.8 Turbo - Photo 758 1995 Mazda BA 323 - 1.8 Turbo - Photo 759 1995 Mazda BA 323 - 1.8 Turbo - Photo 930
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Member: Dogo
Created: 20-08-2006 08:31 AM
Last Modified: 27-09-2007 04:45 PM
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Author Comment Date
PierresAstina MMM bpt conversion is on the cards for mine too ...hope to talk to you more about it in the future 29-04-2011
marcs_sp20 Just re-read the article of Hot4's with this in it, a good read 12-02-2009
RHINO145 very nice car mate, did you paint the red dash yourself? 26-11-2008
bourbon haha well update them im updating mine tonihgt so you shoud o the same to yours 14-09-2007
Dogo Yup thats the IR remote receiver for the xbox that used to be in the car.

I used to just use an xbox alpine processor with no head unit. Im on my second head unit since then ...

These pics are getting old !
Kazz is that an xbox dvd reciever i see on the dash under your guages hahaha...you silly man if it is 13-09-2007
RedLineResident Excellent. Love the colour, the body kit and the mags, excellent combo 13-09-2007
Dogo i was hoping to get some good stereo pics to put in here. 05-06-2007
Rupewrecht where's the list gone? awww 05-06-2007
tinastar I love it, it looks awesome. I like the back wing, it suits the car, also the rimsss! like the head unit too, got the same one.. it's pretty good. Cheers 30-03-2007
mazdaak nice one man i like the color them wheels on it keep the good work bro but where did you get the eye lid? 22-03-2007
skitz yeah sweet ride man and i LOVE the colour.. hope your coming to dorrigo... 21-03-2007
bourbon love this good work on the dash toooo 21-03-2007
Dogo currently working on a new boot install to get the amps & sub out of my cupboard and into the car.
They've only been sitting there a year and a half...
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