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1990 Mazda BG Astina

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1990 Mazda BG Astina

Neons- Front ones, under dash and glove box. pics soon...

Head Unit- Sony one, its good! Plugs into the Ipod via Aux. Mmm 19 gig of music!

Speakers- Front's are new pioneer 6inch, rears are a no name brand 9inch woofers that work goodly with no amp. (cause there weak) Complete with the whole set of happy meal dog toy things. Thanks Maccas!

Wheels- 17 inch... And no bourbon and Mad Mat didnt get them of shannon

Number plate frame- Yeah im cool i got a number plate frame!!!


K&N air filter kit

Super low springs

Full sports Exhaust system

Home made J-spec taillights (when i know what im doing) probably never...

Paint in the middle of the Tail lights. To make it look individual?



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1990 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 1127 1990 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 1128 1990 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 1129
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