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1993 NA8 MX5

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1993 NA8 MX5
So my old car (2002 NB MX-5) was written off in a rear end collision Nov 2009, after which I bought this 1993 1.8L rendition of a go-kart.

Go Bits:
-4-2-1 headers
-2.25" exhaust
-MX5 Mania Cold Air intake
-Exedy Heavy Slippy Clutch

Don't Trip Bits:
-flyin miata butterfuly brace
-BC BR-Coilovers
-Whiteline Adjustable Swaybars Front and Back

Show me your bits:
-OEM black hardtop - needs painting
-Garage Vary Front Lip - needs painting
-Clear Side Indicators
-Side mount numberplate holder
-Clear front indicators
-Chrome Sill plates - Mx5 Mania
-Chrome Airvent Rings - Mx5 Mania

In the works:
-Mazdaspeed engine mounts
-145dB airhorn

I got dreams...
-AVO turbo kit
-mx5 plus single hoop roll bar
-15x8 0ET fronts, 15x8.5 -6 Rears
-sparco sprint V seats
-6 point harnesses
-1.5 way clutch type LSD
-Jubride Fender Flares

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Sexy curves ultimate! As bought with boat suspension Skidpan ... with boat suspension = understeer after a wax and a few photo filters
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project.r.racing ooo hotness in the blue! i'm buying a NA6 for a track car soonish... 16-03-2008
Rally Ninja sorry .. finders keepers 04-03-2008
bourbon johnjohn aka johny quest has told me i can!!! 04-03-2008
bourbon im stealing your passenger side seat!!! 04-03-2008
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