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Mazda BA Astina 97

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Mazda BA Astina 97
This is my 97 BA astina

This is my first car and ive been driving now for about a year.
Despite some engine problems in the past year. My astina has been running pretty smooth with no troubles on the road.
My astina doesnt have any real hot mods on it (yet), but when i do find some cheap modifications to add to it, i go for it. I'm too poor at the moment to do any real cool stuff.


JVC 200watt Headunit with ipod adaptor
Clarion 170watt 5x7 speakers in front doors
JVC 6inch speakers in rear doors
Pioneer 10inch sub and 300 Watt amp.


AMR seat covers (RED).
SAAS gear knob and gear cover (RED).
Door trim redone (RED) - (not complete).
Blue LEDs in footwells.
Blue LED interior light.


Blue front grill.
Blue Wipers.
Blue LEDs under door handles.
Transformer decals on bonnet, side indicators and fuel lid.
Mazdaspeed decal above left headlight. (reflective blue)


Full reconditioned engine
K&N panel Filter (cai to airbox to be done soon)
- running a pod atm though, doing the airbox now

Too Be Done:
soonish - Cat back exhaust
Cai to factory airbox

Later on - Extractors
Rims, probably 17s
BPT conversion, some day

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2nd Eyelid design Interior First Eyelid design Engine with POD With old POD filter
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