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1991 Mazda Astina SP

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1991 Mazda Astina SP
Had it 8 months, not many mods yet, i hope to do more, but uni students are SO poor! :P

Stock 1.8L DOHC 16V

Stock 14s
Fog lights
Phillips Blue Vision 4000K headlights and parkers
1 green neon in the grill
2 blue neons at front and back (have no pics of back yet)

All stock again except
2 white neons in the boot (for practical use)

"ICE" (i dont care about my image or anything, just want to play cds and spend saved money on performance/lights lol):
Kenwood KDC-4029 cd/mp3

Get soon:
Rear Jap spec tail lights **done**
K&N 57i kit with CAI and homemade shielding in fiberglass
Some 6x9s on the parcel shelf, not sure what to get
New sunroof (replacing rusty old one)
Plastic welding on the bumper (shown in one of the pics)
Dent removal in the FR guard (in the same pic)
NGK Iridium spark plugs
Topgun 8.8mm ignition leads
Blue neons all underneath (already bought them) **front+back**
Mazda floor mats (are they hard to get to fit BGs?)
Classy looking pedals

Want later:
17" rims
3 Gauges above the cd player (in empty slot)
Electronically folding mirrors kehehe
Custom HUD lol.....

more pics SOON!~

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1991 Mazda Astina SP - Photo 887 1991 Mazda Astina SP - Photo 888 1991 Mazda Astina SP - Photo 889 1991 Mazda Astina SP - Photo 938 1991 Mazda Astina SP - Photo 939 1991 Mazda Astina SP - Photo 940
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madazz i like the lights mite try it on mine 28-04-2007
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