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2001 Mazda Astina sp20

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2001 Mazda Astina sp20
pretty stock standard!

So Far,
Tinted Windows
New Timing belt fitted by me
Freshly painted brake calipers (pink!)
Pink Strut Brace
18x7.5 Anz ghost rims

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2001 Mazda Astina sp20 - Photo 1755 in your face =D Muppet and me 2001 Mazda Astina sp20 - Photo 2099 2001 Mazda Astina sp20 - Photo 3002
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Member: bozalina
Created: 31-01-2007 10:27 AM
Last Modified: 27-11-2008 08:30 PM
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Author Comment Date
smiley Hot girl! mags look awesome, my new SP20 has ANZ mags on it but they're trashed so looking at some new ones... 14-03-2010
mill_mobile Nice rims!
Cant wait to see them in the flesh!
bozalina Thanks! I only got them today, but I am loving them! Not sure about lowering just yet... dont want it to be a really rough ride as i live outside of town a bit and on a ****ty road! 27-11-2008
marcs_sp20 New wheels look great! needs to be a touch lower tho 27-11-2008
trippedoutmonkey wat size exhaust u put on it?? 13-01-2008
OY33AH hehe love the pink brake calipers! Nice touch! 01-11-2007
superduki Oh and by the way, nice pic with you in it :P your blokes a lucky boy 26-03-2007
superduki Nice ride! I personally think the newer astina's look better than the old ones! 26-03-2007
Astina Andy I personally think the older Astina's look better than the newer ones, but hey nice ride anyway 24-03-2007
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