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1990 Mazda Familia GTX

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1990 Mazda Familia GTX
My old one is the black one and it was unfortunately written off about a month ago

BUT I love the Familia's too much, so am transplanting the old motor/gearbox and interior into a new shell (which is the white one) will be ALOT of work but its worth it to get her going again



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1990 Mazda Familia GTX - Photo 2974 1990 Mazda Familia GTX - Photo 2975 1990 Mazda Familia GTX - Photo 2976 1990 Mazda Familia GTX - Photo 2977 1990 Mazda Familia GTX - Photo 2978 1990 Mazda Familia GTX - Photo 2979
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Created: 08-11-2008 06:17 PM
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ardian11 wow nice ride...

i love it so much, but till now it's just a dream
it so hard to find in Indonesia.
Maiky BP hi, i love familias too. i ride a familia sedan, bpt home made, american version converted to jdm. 26-04-2011
GotaLotaHops85 Spewing about the black one, looked awesome, whered u get that bonnet??? i want one 07-01-2010
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