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1997 Mazda BA Astina Hardtop

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1997 Mazda BA Astina Hardtop

I picked up this 1997, 1.8 DOHC Astina Hardtop in Feb 05 and have been working on it since then. It was previously a sound off car so its been kept very well, most of the hardware has been taken out of it but I've put a nice alpine system through it. Anyway, here is a short description of my car.
My car has just received a new boot, bonnet, roof, petrol flap, taillights, side mirrors, complete re-spray etc... After a nasty ass hail storm.
Car looks better than new!!! So stoked!
My car has also just received an import engine and gearbox, nothing special just low kms and extractors, can feel a difference though!

Already Done:

Full power option plus a few
Odyssey dry cell battery
Cold air intake
K&N Panel Filter
17" ROH Adrenaline wheels
Firenza ST-03 215/40ZR17
Lowered Koni and Eibach adjustable suspension
Rebuilt Gearbox
Import Jap Low KMs Engine
Mercury high flow exhaust, 4" tip
MED Stage 6 Alarm
Standard (awesome) bucket seats
12% Tint
Short shifted gear stick & custom leather boot
Red Mazdaspeed throw over seat covers
Grilled front bar
Hella Xenon blue tint light bulbs
Colour coded: manifold heat shield, radiator cover, break calipers, Cam cover, Bottles
Blue interior & exterior neon glow
Blue LED cluster face glow, interior light & Air vents
Head unit remote mounted into door
Custom alteza taillights -Removed
Clear side indicators


Alpine CDA-9855R Swingface Head Unit
XR8 8" Splits
Alpine 6"x9"
Alpine MRV-T420 V12 Amplifier
Alpine Type-X 12" Dual Voice Coil Sub woofer
A lot of Sound insulation
Custom Twin 15" Sub Brackets (no twin 15" subs unfortunately)

To Do Very Soon:

Retrim Interior & Seats (Blue/Black Leather)
Spitfire Plugs & Leads

To Do Sometime Not So Soon:

Custom Kit

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Author Comment Date
dimayatsenko dude so good, can u take a picture of just the engine, and how much did a low km engine set u back?
bourbon there just throw overs to protect the seats....it works with the rest of the car with the whole red thing... 21-01-2008
JackedFibraz Nice but the seat covers ruin the interior 20-01-2008
marcs_sp20 VERY NOICE! 24-07-2007
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