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1991 Mazda BG Astina

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1991 Mazda BG Astina
From a: 1990 grey BG SOHC Astina-Crash(Write-Off)
To a: 1990 white BG DOHC Astina-Sold to Sister
Then bought that back, but got stolen and burnt
To a: 1991 grey/red sparkle BG DOHC Astina w/ GTX TURBO Conversion

& 1992 Black BG Familia GT-R

16 X 7 Speedy rims - Longchamp (silver machined)
205/45ZR16 Goodyear Eagle F1's

Boge Turbo Struts
Whiteline Strut Brace
King Springs Super Low
Selby's 22m SwayBar
Boge Turbo Struts
Whiteline Strut Brace
King Springs Super Low
Selby's 22mm Adjustable Swaybar

RDA Slotted Rotors
Bendix Heavy Duty Pads
RDA Slotted Rotors
Bendix General CT Pads

Body Work
Sleepy-eye conversion
Familia GTR Vents-actually venting hot air

Mazda Familia GTX Conversion running at 1 Bar
K&N Pod Filter
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
WRX Fuel Pump
manual boost bleeder valve
front mount XR6 Intercooler
type 3 BOV

MOMO Millenium EVO steering wheel
Apexi Turbo Timer
Apexi Boost Gauge
White Dash Cluster w/Blue Lights

getting some repairs done, and will be insane!
..and will get list of whats going in on it...

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1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 2103 1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 2104 1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 2105 1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 2106 1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 2107 1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 2108 1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 2109 1991 Mazda BG Astina - Photo 3973
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Created: 23-12-2006 08:44 PM
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tamass323 nice ride man, ive seen this car around newton, with the astinagt.com sticker on it, thats how i found out about the site! looks sweet at night 09-07-2010
project.r.racing gtr bonnet vents are cool. 24-05-2009
4ORGD clean car man good job, 20-04-2009
Sam_323 Na, Havent Yet!!!
Should Tho!
ill get it rocking on sat i hope!
and try and do a bit of a service on it too!!
RedLineResident Just noticed that these photos don't have the familia badging. Have you done that yet? 06-09-2007
project.r.racing GTR vents = koolies 01-09-2007
Sam_323 if third gear wasnt on its way out, then i would ****ted over this v8 the other day, and boost cut jumped in!! 31-08-2007
Sam_323 GTR Vents....$90
New Bonnet, cut holes and install vents, respray.....$971
Sleepy Eye Install $12.30 or something
Look of car from front.... Priceless!
LIL-JET nice ride man...u ran it down the mile yet? and how much was the sleepy eyes conversion? 31-08-2007
RedLineResident Hey photos, yay. Awesom. Looks better in real life tho. Damn quick too. 20-08-2007
RedLineResident Hmm Turbo!. Like that. Looking forward to photos. 06-08-2007
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