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1994 Mazda 323 Astina BA Series 1

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1994 Mazda 323 Astina BA Series 1

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My BA 323 323 Astina GTX2867r sitting on a modified BP26 manifold. (Tempory set up due to my t25 kicking the bucket) Yellow Speed 304mm rotors and 4 piston calipers sitting nicely. Yellow Speed coilovers and 304mm rotors and 4 piston calipers sitting nicely. Still not low enough though My girl looking pretty good on Christmas Day Striking a pose for the camera.
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Member: Maccas94
Created: 29-08-2012 09:07 PM
Last Modified: 29-08-2012 09:07 PM
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Maccas94 Finally put up some more pics after breaking a few things, hope you's like them.
The next lot should be when the built motor and new set up are in and also hopefully a dyno run video before and after
Mad Mat i want to see more photos mate.. 25-01-2013
Maccas94 Yeah kinda, I got the big 304mm rotors and 4 piston calipers on her now but I've split another g-series gearbox casing when I turned the boost up and put it on the dyno so yeah she's sitting g until I get a mr2 box for her plus I have my r33 which is eating money haha 25-01-2013
Mad Mat hey man is this thing still alive??? lol 25-01-2013
Maccas94 Yeah I've been away for a few weeks haha umm my mate got it put in lock up and only get it back this week. Will be taking it to the drag strip next Wednesday to see what it'll do with a n/a motor and 17psi I hope I can get a decent time before it ****s itself.
Most likely going to go bang but my rebuild will be starting in a few weeks or so.
Mad Mat how is this beast going??? updates updates UPDATES 08-10-2012
tylerstewart1 Love this 323 18-09-2012
Maccas94 I'm using an Aus spec BPT ecu, about 20hp less then the jap spec but it seems to handle big turbo's better.
The exhaust manifold has been modified so it can take a t25/t28 flanged turbo.
I'm still running the stock gearbox but swapping to a toyota box as soon as this one blows.
Mad Mat also that is a gtr manifold too.. not a gtx exhaust manifold.. mate can u pm me how u converted urs?? as i have everything here to do that same thing but havent started it yet as i dont want to break my box... 04-09-2012
Mad Mat wow what computer r u using??? 04-09-2012
Maccas94 It's actually a completely stock BP (NA cams/head/valves/bottom end) and I've converted it to a turbo with a Familia GTX ECU/AFM/Intake and harness.
It now is supporting a Garrett GTX2867r making 275fwhp. Not sure how long its gunna hold but will be fully rebuilding it next year
Mad Mat wow thats a BPT with a Ba rocket cover love it 29-08-2012
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