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1991 Mazda BG 323

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1991 Mazda BG 323
stock holyness

no engine mods

no wheel mods

nothin fancy at all

sounds pumpin, JVC head unit is in, cranks, gettin pictures up soon, amps wired, MTX 6" crankin from the front, still gotta do somethin bout the rear, the replacements in there now just arent holdin up to standard. still only got the 8" fill in sub for the moment, to giv u an idea, dick smiths home theatre sub, enough said. anyhows, it does crank considerin. plannin two viscom 12's in seald enclosure, enough to rape ya eardrums

no other mods for the time being, a students wage isnt particuarly a wealthy one

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1991 Mazda BG 323 - Photo 1288 1991 Mazda BG 323 - Photo 1285 1991 Mazda BG 323 - Photo 1287 1991 Mazda BG 323 - Photo 1289
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Created: 01-08-2006 11:15 PM
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madazz good start mate you should slamm it out get it belly scrappin 28-04-2007
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