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1991 BG Astina SP

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1991 BG Astina SP
No plans on modifying this car. I shall be keeping it stock as a rock. Maybe a better exhaust and air intake thats about it.

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1991 BG Astina SP - Photo 3652
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Member: chewyryce
Created: 29-03-2008 07:40 PM
Last Modified: 23-11-2009 08:02 PM
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Joeee I am so loving the seating arrangements... =P 05-11-2009
chewyryce i think it was somewhere in ladewigs road. it was actually a sidestreet off of that. right next to that industrial place (litterally) 30-03-2008
marcs_sp20 Good luck with her mate, where abouts in ipswich did you pick it up from? 29-03-2008
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