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96 Astina BA180ise My Ride restored and pimped

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96 Astina BA180ise My Ride restored and pimped
Bought the car smashed, restored existing bodywork, replaced front bumper with personal design modification, new indicators, angel eye fog lights etc...

then added a Doug Wallace Exhaust System from branch to tip... 4into2into1into2... Two tail pipes.

Added 18 inch 5 star rims with custom anthracite centre spray and polished lip. Suspension already had a 40mm drop.

Sound system installed consists of 2 Blaster amps... driving a 12inch Pioneer imp sub and 4 Sony 5 inch 3ways in the doors, together with 4 tweeters lodged on front doors and on either side of the rear windscreen.

Providing input to the amps is a Nokia N91 with has an original desktop stand mounted on the dash (which charges the phone when in) and a Starsound 5-band Graphic Equalizer.

Aftermarket alarm system has been fitted with auto-window closing mechanism when activated.

WHEW!!! Thats was a mouthful... more to come.

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Before bumper now front now rear now side good shot Me and my ride Just bought2 Just bought
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Member: djalleyne
Created: 09-06-2007 04:46 PM
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mazdasport hey man you from phnx? 07-10-2010
djalleyne keeping the mags/repairing rhe bumper to its glory with different indicators and park/fog lights in front/staying green with a flip in the paint and possibly some glitter... still thinking about vinyls... 14-06-2007
bourbon bahhhhhaa story of the lifetime...but good luck with the new project 14-06-2007
djalleyne it took about 9 months... and guess what someone hit me from the back into another car... I've decided to go all out now... look out for me in 3 weeks... I'll be coming back with a bang!!! 14-06-2007
zappy65 good work mate....must have been a llllllooooonnnnnggggg project.....but look where the hard work got you nice.... 14-06-2007
Rupewrecht It reminds me of Lightning McQueen from that animated 'Cars' movie! 14-06-2007
bourbon good job on rebuilding it up...thats an excel lower bar isnt it or some hyundai one... 14-06-2007
Mad Mat dude i love that front bar... god it looks good 12-06-2007
dave0r nice wheels 10-06-2007
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