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1990 Mazda Astina

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1990 Mazda Astina
I love this car... its not that popular amoung street racers, but im tryin to giv my one a name.
All ive done is:
-tinted the windows (thanx Tane)
-tsw apex r mags (thanxmag and turbo)
-ice dvd roof mount player (thanx wootons auto)
-playboy seat covers
-300w cannon amplifier, 2x 250w speakers, 2x 200w, 4x 150w tweeters
-changed my gear knob
-gave her sum nice shiny pedals
as u can tell, my changes r all 4 show... but im going to start on performance...
the engine's stock, but im hoping to squeeze in a V6 turbo... when i hav the money
im going to be giving in leather interior upgrades, replace the seats, steering wheel and up the sounds a notch.
On the outside i want to give it a wider body kit- hard to explain, but i hav it mapped out in my head... the rest of the ideas ill just steal from u guy's awsum kars!!!

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