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1996 Nissan 180SX Type X

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1996 Nissan 180SX Type X
The New Go Machine.....

Vehicle: 1996 Nissan 180SX Type X

Engine: SR20DET

GT28670RS .86 (Disco Potato)
CES 3" Split Dump
MagnaFlow 3" Cat
NISMO 3" Cat Back Exhaust
GP Sports EXA EVO 3" Cannon
ARC FMIC with HPC Coating
E-Boost II
GFB Plumb Back BOV
Koyo 52mm Triple Core Radiator
Custom Oil Cooler Setup + Filter Relocation Kit
NISMO Thermostat (Open:65)
Walbro 500HP Fuel Pump


Nismo OEM Factory Aero Kit
Clear Side Indicators
Front Pumped Guards 20mm
Flared Rear Guards 35mm


New Gear Boot
JJR Gauge Single DIN gauge holder
Autoguage Guages (Oil Temp/ Pressure, Water Temp)
Stripped Rear Cabin
Battery Relocation Setup to Boot


JVC KD-BT1 HeadUnit
Pioneer 6.5" Splits
TAARK Custom Speaker Spacers

Wheels & Tyres

Work CR Kais 17 x 9 +17
Kumho KU31's 245/40/R17
Rays Anodized Wheel Nuts (Blue)


R33 Front Calipers & Rotors
R33 Rear Calipers & Rotors
Rear R33 Hub E/Brake Setup
Custom Braided Lines


Kazz 1.5way LSD
Extreme HD Clutch
Nismo Lightened Flywheel


Nismo Strut Braces F & R
Cusco Zero Spec 2 Coilovers (F:12gk R:10kg)
Whiteline Blade Adj Swaybars F & R
Whiteline PLUS bushes throughout (grease nipples installed)
Cazman Adj Castor Rods
Custom S14 Front Upright Collars
Solid Rear Subframe

Things I Have Under The Bed

Pioneers 300W 4CH Amp

Things I Want

Sniper Racing Carbon Fibre Cooling Panel
700cc Injectors
Tomei Pon Cams
Apexi Power FC + Hand Controller or Haltech E8

^^^ Ill add to this list as I find stuff and cross it off as it comes....


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A Few Mates 1996 Nissan 180SX Type X - Photo 3582 1996 Nissan 180SX Type X - Photo 3583 1996 Nissan 180SX Type X - Photo 3585 1996 Nissan 180SX Type X - Photo 3906 1996 Nissan 180SX Type X - Photo 3907
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Member: zappy65
Created: 18-02-2007 07:50 AM
Last Modified: 28-01-2011 04:19 PM
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Author Comment Date
zappy65 Lol, na less is more as far as I concerned...Its getting a custom muffler soon, twin tip with SS angles with a DB rating of 90dB..should be nice and quiet 11-04-2010
Joeee Omg. It cant be. A 180 without a cannon? That just made my day =] 09-04-2010
zappy65 It was widely developed for the MX-5 actually...Mazda played with the idea of the GT28 on the MX-5 before going with the IHI variant because of cost 11-09-2009
Rupewrecht Because it was developed on a USDM Nissan Sentra (looks like a Potato) that was painted in one of those Chameleon paints (looks like a Disco). 15-07-2009
bourbon cause the potato is having a Disco and your all invited (if you can keep up) 15-07-2009
Mad Mat hey stupid question with regards to this"GT28670RS (Disco Potato)" why do they call it a Disco Potato lol 15-07-2009
Ghoru mate i missed the pics of your astina you still have them by any chance? 19-06-2009
marcs_sp20 how's the booster seat?

Haha, only kidding, one awesome machine!
karamello you, my friend, know how to modify a car...when you are done with this one i will have no objection to getting another hand-me-down 28-03-2009
Mad Mat well call then lol. hmmm actually going up there on saturday. if ur keen call me 29-01-2009
zappy65 yeah man i got your NO. 28-01-2009
Mad Mat dude. if ur up for a tambo car cruise i'm always keen as mustard 4 a drive up there. just give me a halla. u still have my number ???? 25-01-2009
marcs_sp20 Does it DOSE? Cant wait to see this bad boy in the flesh! 19-01-2009
zappy65 New Car up peeps................... 19-01-2009
Mad Mat 10-4 that karamello. new pic's new pic's. i can chant all night man 05-01-2009
karamello you have to upgrade this now..we want to see you new car 05-01-2009
zappy65 Yep, my little 323 is gone now, on to bigger and hopefully better things...just purchased a 180SX X...will post some pics soon... 30-12-2008
marcs_sp20 Its now sold!!! 24-12-2008
Hiro That is the sexiest Astina I've ever seen !!
Mate, how much time & effort did you invest in it ?! That thing is the car of my dreams !! Love the Lights (& the lights underneath them too)
HOLY CRAP !! THIS THING IS WICKED !! What's the price tag on it ?!
zappy65 Yep, have to pospone sale until April because im importing a 180SX... 27-09-2008
marcs_sp20 Still got it? 23-09-2008
juanfye where did you get those angel eyes.?really like it. 08-06-2008
vam_vam nice car man.. love the ENGINE!!! i'd wish to have that engine someday hehhee. i've already got my strut bar. i updated my car already so come check my car sometime and dont forget to leave a message thanks.. 22-03-2008
astina_ijo nice...........!!!! wonder with those sleepy eyes...did the retract motor still work? 06-03-2008
bourbon just put them up...who cares if im blured!!!!! what about the last shot ofjust me infront of my car hahahahahaaahhahahahahaha... 06-03-2008
zappy65 She did end up fixing them but someone who shall not be naked was always blurred and had his pants on his head...bahahahahah, we only had a couple of good shots, Brooke is a bit of a perfectionist, theres no way she would post ****ty shots on here...lol 06-03-2008
marcs_sp20 Did brooke ever get round to fixing up the rest of the dinner/cruise/bowling shoot? I'd love to see some more piccies 05-03-2008
zappy65 ask Bourbon, send him a PM.... 15-11-2007
Indio Nice Car, great pics, just wondering where or how u got or did the L.E.D. Angel Lights with Projectors 15-11-2007
zappy65 oh thanks guys and bourbs for that weird comment, at least im famous, i have my own game.... 11-11-2007
project.r.racing this car is turning into something different. not over done or anything. just nice. luc the night pic with qld team. 10-11-2007
tinastar very clean,wish i could say the same for mine haha < that is davos first comment.. i agree with it 110% GREAT WORK man, this thing looks AWESSOME 09-11-2007
bourbon oii abe...havnt seen you release and new game as of late...still member you back in abes exodidy....hahahaha and i still kant get you out my head doin donkykong dance hahaha it scares me then cracks me up 09-11-2007
zappy65 not seeing my beautiful face is a crime ok....says my missus 08-11-2007
marcs_sp20 Haha Poser 04-11-2007
zappy65 i have put a sticky in the electrical thread.... 03-10-2007
Astina SP how did you manage to change the colour of your speedo lights i have tried to in my astina and i cant do it any help is appreciated 25-09-2007
zappy65 i found that its actually better to raise the bonnet about 3/4 of an inch with spacers that gets ALOT of hot air out....scoops also cause dynamic drag.....but not enough to cause grief.... 19-09-2007
bourbon bonnet scoops do serve a purpose!!! they cool everythin down 03-09-2007
RedLineResident Love the air intake, that is brillinat. Beats the S*** out of useless scoops people put in the middle of their bonnets which serve no puropse what so ever. 02-09-2007
maddmazdaman just wondering how u do the sleepy light setup??? 29-08-2007
zappy65 no mate i used to live in blacktown but have since moved to queensland.... 16-08-2007
LIL-JET Nice....nice ride man..nice custom job in engine cover....hey u live in sydney?? i wana try start a cruise in sydney 13-08-2007
zappy65 yeah i made it myself with a hakesaw blade, tinsnips, an angle grinder and a file....lol 03-08-2007
mcwilly looks good. love the cover in front of the radiator im gettin one made up soon . did u make it yourself? 02-08-2007
zappy65 new engine bay pic up.... 24-07-2007
zappy65 new pics coming soon..... 21-07-2007
project.r.racing yeah i agree - great condition car, i wish i kept mine that clean 09-06-2007
tinastar That is one straight car! You have kept it in SAAWEEET condition!! love it.. 31-05-2007
zappy65 New pics when i finsh painting the beast..... 22-05-2007
Rally Ninja wow that really old car is in nice condition. Just need to get those broken lights fixed hahaha. 28-04-2007
zappy65 Oh and it cost me $135, i got it a bit cheaper cause i am an apprentice mechanic...ah the hook ups... 04-03-2007
zappy65 gee's well i got mine from a place called GSR in Springwood queensland but i would think that it would be an easy item to get from the philippines... 04-03-2007
vam_vam nice ASTINA!!! hi im just wonderin where i can buy a strut bar for my 323 astina thanks. how much also the shipping. im from the philippines 03-03-2007
89sp1.8 very clean,wish i could say the same for mine haha 26-02-2007
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