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mazda 323 SP20

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mazda 323 SP20
well here is a few pics of my car nothing special as of yet just lowered on a set of 18s with a full stereo with pumps out 145dB

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boot install mazda 323 SP20 - Photo 3658 mazda 323 SP20 - Photo 3659 mazda 323 SP20 - Photo 3660 mazda 323 SP20 - Photo 3661 mazda 323 SP20 - Photo 3662 mazda 323 SP20 - Photo 3663 mazda 323 SP20 - Photo 3664
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Member: hart3_9
Created: 12-01-2010 06:44 AM
Last Modified: 12-01-2010 06:53 AM
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Author Comment Date
Proximate kinda dead thread but still...sick build! 24-08-2017
fuzzimuzzi Looks awesome 24-10-2012
hart3_9 the flames r visible durin the day just n they r reflective n 22-01-2012
hart3_9 yer guy the flames are just stickers that are almost the same colour as the car n are light the cop stickers that light up with the right light when i get home from holidays i will show u a pic of em in daylight without them lit up 12-01-2010
mikey_something yeah are those flames backlit or just reflective? looks great regardless! 12-01-2010
Orion Are the flames coming from the headlights visible during the day? 12-01-2010
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