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1993 Mazda Lantis G

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1993 Mazda Lantis G
17'' Avanti Racing Mags, (can't remember the name)
ProMuff with 4" Tip
A whole lot of stickers/decals
Altezza Style Tail Lights (black version)
Clear Mazda original side repeaters
Mirror Tinted front repeaters and park lights
Triple musical Airhorns (puts smiles on peoples faces)

Autotechnica Steering Wheel
5" autometer Monster Tacho
Sparco Racing Pedals
Sony wma/mp3 headunit
Sony 222w Amp (old school)
Alpine V12 2500W 4 channel amp
2x 15' Lanzar 1500W subs
2x 12" Lanzar 1000w subs (main subs before i bought 15s)
2x Sony 6x9's 350W 3way
2x 5.25 Fusion 260W 2way (swivel tweeters)
2x 4" Sony 2way 150W
2x 1" 300W Tweeters
Dash all detailed in silver

1.8L (1839cc) 99.25kW Inline 4 (Lantis ECU because its a lantis lol)
Pod filter with heatshield and cold air induction pipe
Bosch Iridium tipped Spark plugs (dont notice much difference)
Rocker cover painted metalic blue (looks mint)
Volcano turbine (swirls the air as it gets sucked into the inlet manifold, ment to help fuel mixture, but don't notice any difference)
Exhaust Heat Shield polished

Future Plans
New Suspension definately next on the list
New tires (205/40 R17 just dont cut it, 215 or 225 (if they fit)at least)
Full Bodykit (323F Club inspired me )
A BP GTX or GTR engine conversion (have engine, but rooted turbo, no loom, no ECU )
CP Forged pistons, oversized 20thou 500hp rated (for BP engine)
New turbo, dont know what yet, perhaps another stock gtx/gtr one (for BP engine)
Extractors (for BP engine but could look into some for my current engine in the car)
retint the windows to two colour tint (black fade to mirror, top part black, bottom mirror blended together) looks choice barely legal though
Personalised plates
New Sway bars
front and rear strut braces (need to find type r lantis to pinch parts off lol)

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1993 Mazda Lantis G - Photo 1367 1993 Mazda Lantis G - Photo 1368 1993 Mazda Lantis G - Photo 1369 1993 Mazda Lantis G - Photo 1370 1993 Mazda Lantis G - Photo 1371 1993 Mazda Lantis G - Photo 1490
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