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98 Mazda 323 Astina BA Hardtop

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98 Mazda 323 Astina BA Hardtop
Picked her up three years ago.

First thing to go was the airbox, replaced with K&N pod.

Second was the exhaust, Lukey turbo exhaust is there now. Loud yeah pretty much loud, put dynamat (soundproofing) all through the doors and boot and you know what, yep still loud.... But nice from the outside so all good.

It's gone, replaced the Lukey with a Remus, so much nicer and feels like a little more power as well. Only a very slight drone, but if that was not there you would not know you were driving so all good.

Third was some Xenon Blue Halogen lamps, was really excited about them, after one day left one blew. Exchanged for a new pair, then right one blew. Thought it might be my car, bought another brand and they are great, well would be but one is pointing at the left wheel and the other at the tree tops. But hey how hard can they be to adjust, well damn hard if you ask me, makes me feel stupid, have tried like eight times. I am pretty sure the adjustment screw is threaded, keep turning the bugger but nothing happens but then again that could be the idle screw.

Fourth was the audio, sick of stackers so went with a nice pioneer mp3 player with four Kenwood 6x9's two in front doors (yes nice squeeze) and two in the parcel shelf. I cannot hear the music due to the damn exhaust but I can feel it on my leg. Nice.

Okay summary.

Have built a Megasquirt but yet to put in...
K&N pod,
Bosch Super 4 spark plugs,
Super White halogen lights (was not kidding about them pointing everywhere but the road).
ROH 15" rims
Falken 195/55 R15 ((44psi) decent road noise and aquaplaning but otherwise grip like a mongrel)

Pioneer DEH-P5650MP head-deck, cheap and does the job.
front doors have two Kenwood 6x9's
parcel shelf has two Kenwood 6x9's


K&N flat panel with larger air box than standard with cold air feed, pod is okay but still gets too much air from engine bay even with pipe feed.
Mazdaspeed car seat covers
17" rims
Tein suspension with lowering
Body kit, not sure which one yet.
Respray after bodykit, deep ox tongue red
Turbo would be nice but engine is getting a bit old for that, over 200,000.

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98 Mazda 323 Astina BA Hardtop - Photo 1607 98 Mazda 323 Astina BA Hardtop - Photo 1605
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Clarky_BA Seriously don't go there. I fell in love with the sound, exterior sound but the drone is unbearable! I put dynamat through the doors, the parcel shelf and boot. Made it a little quieter but still unbearable. I then put sound proofing on the back of the back seat. Again a little quieter but still unbearable. It was okay as it was just my car, but now it is going to become the family car again and I will not put the kids in there with that sound (I struggle to hear people after being in the car for half an hour driving). So the lukey is going to go and will search for a decent replacement. If you are not running NA then it maybe okay as it is a tri flow turbo exhaust. It you are running a turbo let me know and when I get my new exhaust I will keep the lukey and send to you on the cheap. 04-08-2008
bluesky_astina Hi Mate, how loud is your lukey muffler? is it bearable? 02-08-2008
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