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1992 Mazda Astina FE3 project

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1992 Mazda Astina FE3 project
Car what I got is simple with B6 engine and donīt have even powersteering . I have a donorcar from where I got power windovs and mirrors. Front seats, engine, powersteering and maybay something more comes from 626 GD coupe FE3(2.0 103kw). Bodykit I will build myself, I earn mony with that work. Front lights with flat glass and H4 bi-xenon kit.

Springs from Eibach -35mm, with KYB Excel-G, intake Simota sport filter(not panel), exhaust from cat. to end 2.5" with Simons 125x420mm and in the end Eus 660mm oval with 100mm tip. 323 BG original GT alloywheels from Enkei 14".

So far thats all.

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Front light Old original spring and Eibach -35mm spring with Excel-G shock Clean lights with H4 Bi-Xenon 4300k kit in winter 4 days snow and 2 days wet snow with rain but still so much snow on car. New engine on old car. Cleaned and repaired endine head Scoop idea, not installed yet. Specialedition seats from 626 GD copue 2.0 FE3N
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MazdaGTI Donīt remember anymore, it was about 3-4 years ago.

But guys, 4.07 I moving to my new home and there is enouge space that I can finaly start engine swap to FE3N for starting, but never say never. Itīs bossible FE3T to
MazdaSpeedy323 Hey MazdaGTI Gud Luck wit ur Haulin !!! Wats up Guys ??? I just bought the SAME exact car 2 weeks ago, and bOy Oh bOy, do i intend on Pimpin It...Or more like this Baby is goin to Pimp me out my Finances lol. Would you even believe its the same exact colour Too !!! Factory Paint with nO bOdy filler...but the Pain is peeling oFF. I have a some noise on the left suspension and the vehicle is a RHD. I already installed my Audio system...DVD Player, Amp,12" Audio Pipe Woofer, pair of 6*9 Pioneers on rear panel etc. My next intention is to Thro in 2 Reclinable Bucket Seats and am swopping the Original 5 spoke Detomazo 14" rims with a 7 Spoke 16" set of Alloy Rims....they're light weight too. That should take me atleast the next two months and then i'm really goin to be interested in A Carbon Fiber Hood and 4 Drop Springs. Hey MazdaGTI how much did you get those Eiback Springs for ??? 20-06-2009
MazdaGTI If help needed then I ask, thats why Iīm in this forum. To ask help and help others if can 03-02-2009
Mad Mat hey mate/ good luck with your car build. i hope every thing goes well and don't hezitate to ask ask if u need some help and what not.

mad mat
MazdaGTI Engine not in place yet. Tranny will be from 626 to, 2.0 fe3 or 2.2 F2, 2.2 turbo F2T tranny donīt fit because this is biger. 2 mounts stays from BG Astina, 1 need to construct and the last from other Mazda.

For first I need cleanup my garage and then wreck my old car 626 from wher I get engine, then transport donor to garage. Then I can start buildin first on donor body, then after all finished is simple transporting from donor to regular.

Sorry if ther are grammatical mistakes in my post, my inglish is not so good yet.
bpt323 awesome!!!!! what transmission & mounts did you use for fitment? 17-01-2009
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