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1994 323 astina ba 5dr hatch

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1994 323 astina ba 5dr hatch
bp-ze engine

-JVC stereo head
-cold air intake conversion
-advanced base timing+98octane
-cam cover oil filter to relace re-burn pipe/catch tank
-oil filter relocation kit (much needed)
-lowered 30mm king springs
-red back-lighting for stock dash
-patched left passenger door large sharp dent with small hole (looked like a screwdriver hole)
-tinted windows(35%)
-new brake rotors (DBA)
-install rear wing (customised)

to do list:
-10" tablet pc + onboard wifi hotspot (mainly for navigation purposes, but will dual as entertainment centre)

-ecu with OBD for fine tuning (this model does not have obd1or2 plugs, just the self diagnosis box under the hood)
-on-demand supercharger

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cheap but powerful sub n bass connected to alpine head red backlit dashlights (red 'anodizing paint' over stock t10 globes), need to put another coat on the left hand globe to reduce that hotspot smd led cabin lights red retractable belts with aircraft-style lift-latches in chrome 1994 323 astina ba 5dr hatch - Photo 4186 1994 323 astina ba 5dr hatch - Photo 4187 1994 323 astina ba 5dr hatch - Photo 4188 1994 323 astina ba 5dr hatch - Photo 4239
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