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2000 Mazda SP20

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2000 Mazda SP20

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After 2 years Stock standed 2000 Mazda SP20 - Photo 1887
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Member: nicko
Created: 07-05-2007 02:16 PM
Last Modified: 07-05-2007 03:01 PM
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Comments: 7

Author Comment Date
02-KQ-LASR is this a photo chop? doesnt look real at all! 23-10-2009
cazza VERY NICE (first photo) 30-01-2008
trippedoutmonkey nah its not the original front kit... 13-01-2008
marcs_sp20 10WSP is from ipswich? I dont think it has a front lip tho, just massively lowered on the original sp20 kit. 07-10-2007
bourbon is this lowsp??? from ippy way? 07-10-2007
MISCHIEF what type is it? 07-10-2007
marcs_sp20 can i have ure front lip 06-10-2007
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