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1996 Mazda Familia

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1996 Mazda Familia
JDM Familia
BPZE engine
Viscous LSD
Mazdaspeed A-Spec Touring kit
RS*R titanium alloy progressive coils

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1996 Mazda Familia - Photo 1480 1996 Mazda Familia - Photo 1479 1996 Mazda Familia - Photo 1584
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Member: Mad-Season
Created: 23-12-2006 03:50 PM
Last Modified: 23-12-2006 03:50 PM
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marcs_sp20 I dunno what it is, but I really like the way the car looks, very clean 04-09-2008
96Familia Aww, thanks man. I try to keep it looking as stock as possible
I've got a set of Mazdaspeed alloys, MS01's, and some MS03's arriving soon to complete the look. MS01's in the summer, MS03's in the winter? hehe.
Noble323 Love the car, your second picture (the back) reminds me of a gsr/evo 1,2,3, lancer but better, and the front, very aggressive. 19-04-2007
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