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2002 323 sp20 manual

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2002 323 sp20 manual
2002 Gun Metal Grey SP20

Engine Mods:

- Completey Stock
- Pod Filter
- No bong shaped thingy b4 the filter

Body Mods
- Stock Body kit
- 17inch mags (came with car. bit worse for wear)


- Cadience DVD H/U (cd/dvd laser is stuffed I think but havent replaced unit yet as it has split source for front and rear speakers
- Hertz 6inch Back doors, stocks up front but will change over with new ones soon.
- 800w mono amp
- 12 Inch Kicker (removed due to missus not liking it.)

Second hand hertz 6 inch going in today will have pics soon (from a mate whos car got written off a week after they were installed) they have great mid bass
  1. Espiler lowering springs installed yesterday. Makes a massive difference.
  2. 215 45 r17 (New Bridgestone Turanza ER300s x 4)
  3. new timing belt, water pump, other belts, master and slave cylinders, and a heap of other work done over the last week.
  4. driving lights rewired to bloody work properly not when the low beams come on
  5. ordered Scanguage2 with Xguage with windscreen mount from US ftw

Future endeavours
- Nice to have a Supercharger oooooohhhhhh yeaaaaaaahhhhh (If I decide to keep it. It now owes me a few grand.)
- Install HID 4300k low and Hi beams
- looking at 7in touchscreen for H/U

now installed 6.5" kenwood dvd touchscreen with Blutooth.
New alarm installed.
rebuilt gearbox with Mazdaspeed LSD thanks to Mad Mat. love it. :P
thicker rear sway bar. Installed
short shifter
new intake setup including
- custom airbox and filter.
- relocated overflow tank.
front , gbox and driver engine mount inserts.

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My Car on OMC Cruise engine bay Last Astina GT Cruise where i had no voice :( Upgraded Rear Discs Lowered with Espilier Springs Front Lowered Clearance Rear lowered Spring Clearance
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Author Comment Date
SIlversp20 I didnt know the proper name at the time :P 16-04-2010
chicaboo But it's not silver! 26-01-2010
SIlversp20 will have to get them uploaded soon car off the road as off last week. ps is stuffed. will clean engine bay and take some nice pics 15-08-2007
marcs_sp20 Any other pics mate? Also U cant go past the K&N panel filter item, far outweighs the performance u'd get out of any other "cheapy" pod filters 08-08-2007
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