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1994 Mazda BA Astina V6

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1994 Mazda BA Astina V6
I got the astina in November 2006, since then i have bought a 97 Honda Prelude in November of 2007. Both cars are great, however the astina is still the heavy favorite. The honda i use as a daily driver now due to being newer, having aircon and having significantly less k's on the clock.

The plan is to keep upgrading from the honda and keep the astina and turn it into a track car down the track some time. May be a few years away but its a goal that im working towards.

Technically the astina is my first car. Drove around in my parents' cars for a couple of years and then bought the astina.

I had decent sound but since, have moved it to the Prelude:

This was the setup in the astina.
Pioneer MP3 Deck
SoundStorm 6x9s
SoundStorm 4channel 2000W - (220Wrms per channel) Amp
Pioneer 15" Sub (I have had to downsize to a 12" sub to cope with a tiny honda boot, however i still have the 15" for when i move onto a bigger and better car.)

Whiteline Control (low equivelant) springs in front
Whiteline Control (low equivelant) springs in back
Whiteline 20mm Swaybar

Engine is more or less stock. All ive done is installed a K&N panel filter and removed the resinator box as well as put that silly looking pipe to the front. You may laugh but it helps a bit. Plans for the future would be extractors exhaust and something except a cannon, dont like those.

The long term plans are:

KLZE Transplant (2.5L from the MX6) - which i will crack open and further improve with hope to turn into a NA monster.
White 17" lightweight wheels
Front strut brace - something a bit better than stock
Slotted Disks for front and back
Steel Braided brake lines
Decent set of pads
Reinforced Gearbox - straight cut 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

This is a 2 year plan, so don't expect too much to happen too soon. But hopefully it will.

I have blown up one gearbox thus far, and have got a new gearbox and a heavy duty clutch kit. It all goes ok, happy with it but the ratios are a bit longer and my engine doen't have the torque to match the acceleration curve. So it potentially has a higher top speed but a weaker acceleration in comparison.

Ive also made a shocking discovery. My new gearbox doesn't have LSD. i thought my old one did but wasn't sure until it blew up and i got this one. Now im certain that the old box had LSD. I miss it sooo sooo much. I can go through the intersection and if its wet i can light up the inside wheel up to 110km/h while barelly rolling. Not happy. I miss the torgue steer and better corner holding and a nice strong take off.

This is no longer my daily driver hence i plan to do a bit to it, hopefully. Ill be looking as some 17x7 wheels as the tires are bald on the inside due to negative cambers. Will fix those up when i get some new wheels.

As you can see its a pretty straght clean car with no body faults. Engine runs well has enough to keep me entertained. Only down side is its dark (normally awesom) but when combined with no air-con then it sucks. Doesn't change the fact that I love it.

Its such a buzz to drive, especially after i spend 2 weeks driving an auto around town then get a hold of the astina and take her to the hills. Being able to change gears when you wont and take corners without understeer and tire screech and being able to brake later due to it being light weight are all features about this car that give it great character and make it an absolute joy to drive.

As its getting older, its developing some vibrations, buzzes, squeeks and all sorts of weird sounds here and there, but thats part of life. It would be way too hard to go through and fix them all one by one.

(The photo's haven't been updated, since its been lowered. Its been lowered for a long time now, but i haven't got around to taking some new pics and loading them up, i will someday tho)

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1994 Mazda BA Astina V6 - Photo 1967 1994 Mazda BA Astina V6 - Photo 1991 1994 Mazda BA Astina V6 - Photo 1992 1994 Mazda BA Astina V6 - Photo 2064 1994 Mazda BA Astina V6 - Photo 2127 Here washed her. Finally!!
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Author Comment Date
darko_eXpeRiMenT nice clean engine 08-01-2008
323-SP how can a 2L fwd NA be worth it struggling for 72fwkw. Somthing worth it would be somthing of the nissan sr20det variety 21-09-2007
marcs_sp20 U do know bourbs that the cat empire are wayy better in concert 21-09-2007
bourbon think of this...nice sexy sparkly green car...topless and with out a care inthe world with teh wind in your hair with the windows down listenin to some cool cat empire stuck in traffic...its always the best... 21-09-2007
RedLineResident Yeah thats a bonus but picture this;
40 degree day, your in a dark car wearing a suit.
those 3kw become irrelavant when you are sweating away and the traffic is too heavy to use the power.
bourbon gives me an extra 3kw at the wheels ahahaha...not sure but funny enough 21-09-2007
RedLineResident Well i get mixed feedback on the matter. No climate control, but here's what confuses me. Can you picture someone from australia going; "I want a car, a dark car. Yes that one there will do. Now don't worry about air-con because its not like we live on the hottest continent in the world or anything." I could be wrong, those people may exist. Bourbon for example 21-09-2007
Rupewrecht What do the heater controls look like? If it's got climate control then it's an import (standard on V6). But your front bumper says it's an AUSDM model as well. 21-09-2007
RedLineResident I wish mine did? I don't know the cars complete history but i don't think it ever had aircon. Pretty certain that it came from Japan at some point in time. The guy I bought it off used to have a car yard and this was his personal car for a while. Sold the car yard, sold the cars and kept this for a about a year before selling it to me. 21-09-2007
bourbon dont all BAs come with aircon??? my bg doesnt have it hahah i got rid of the stupid thing...i like to swim in my own sweat in summmmmmmer! 21-09-2007
DavoAust no air-con? wasnt that standard on 2L? 21-09-2007
Rupewrecht Much better! hehe 27-08-2007
RedLineResident Washed her and posted some photos up just for you rupe, hope you like it. 26-08-2007
Rupewrecht Needs a wash 27-06-2007
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