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1996 Astina GT

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1996 Astina GT
-Original gt "styling".
-16" GT rimz with nokian tyres
2 come:
-Costume cup spoiler
-Pakfeifer side skirts
-costume rear bumper
-17" momo rimz
-All black details painted blue (same colour as the car)

-Clarion DXZ-848RMC
-Boss 2500 dvd player
-6.5" in dash tv
-5,25" Focal in front doors
-6,5" US carvour in rear doors
-4x Focal tweeter's
-2x Signat 6x9
-3x Poison 12" woofer's
-1x Candenca Z4000 amp
-1x Signat ram2 amp
-1x macrom amp (mono)
Stereo 2 come:
-throw out the poison woofers in exhance for cadence wild beast
-Cadence Z5000 mono amp

Interior 2 come:
-Painted dashboard and other details (?????)
-white dials
-Racing ped's

I just bought the car, so the only thing I managed to do is fixing the stereo

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