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Mick's BA BPT UNL35H Showcar

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Mick's BA BPT UNL35H Showcar
My name is Mick, and this is my ride,

She has changed a lot since i 1st got her over 10 years ago.. Full leather re-trim, now 2 resprays, turbo conversion etc.. Still playing with the car

I have gone for a completely different look with the 2nd respray. Instead of the sporty look she is now sleek and as people call it these days, more "sexspec". Aerial and rear wiper shaved and no wing - a nice smooth look. Bassa at 2sus Custom Resprays painted the car this time - a very nice job. Nuglow airbrushed the car - the detail in the airbrushing is amazing. Graphics are continued inside all hinges and the colours that were chosen really stand out in the sun. Freehand pin striping was also done the whole way around the graphics in a lime green colour which really completes it. As you will notice from my pictures the paint job is very "loud", but im yet to see another car painted in these colours which makes it individual - definitely not something you see every day in Wollongong lol. The car is now running on 19 inch GV1's and people have trouble recognising it now, they can be standing right beside it and still be asking me where my car is lol


*19/10/2012 - sorta updated blog
- updated awards

------FatPizza on youtube------
Those that missed Fat Pizza.. Here it is on youtube

Im wearing a bandana lol..


Awards won so far
(havn't been updating here)

New school Top Paint 1985 on - 2012 Sydney Jamboree

New school Top Mazda 1985 on - 2012 Sydney Jamboree

Brilliant body kit - 2011 Sydney Jamboree

Best Paint Work at the cop and bike car show 25/10/2009

1ST Top Paint and Panel and 2ND Place Top Interior - Kiama Holden Car Show 07

"Best Vinyl Graphics" - Newcastle autosalon 07

"Ignition DVD Favourite" - Toyo Drift Australia 2007

"Runners up Best 4 Cylinder/Rotary vehicle" - South Coast Holden Owners Car Club car show 07

"Best Vinyl Graphics" - sydney autosalon 07

"1st Place Front Wheel Drive Forced Induction"- Melbourne Autosalon 07

"1st place 4 cylinder" and also "1st place best Interior" - Albion Park Ute and Car show 07

"Best Vinyl Graphics" - Autosalon Final Battle 06

"1st place best 4 Cylinder" - South Coast Holden Owners Club annual charity car show 06

"1st place best 4 cylinder" - Wollongong Street Machines 05

"Top Streeter" - Supernats 04

Dyno read out at melb

Featured in Fast Fours mag OCTOBER 2005.

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My babys close up graphics NEW exhaust tips Graphics Cruising :) Mick's BA BPT UNL35H Showcar - Photo 3942
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marcs_sp20 Absolutely love the painted interior panels, the purple makes it 11-04-2011
sik astina Thanks guys 10-04-2011
vam_vam very nice ride sir... 19-03-2011
mazdasport nice man, but you should have colour coded the rims as well seeing as thoo you went with the wild look 07-10-2010
Dana I've been Blinded! That is 1 Sexy Car!! Maybe I should leave my car with you and you can play with it 27-12-2009
sik astina Thanks 16-11-2009
70NYD haha wait i didnt mean it like that i meant its gold as in its awesome 03-11-2009
sik astina well half anyways LOL 01-11-2009
70NYD thats gold man 01-11-2009
sik astina The pics were taken on a overcast day, the paint is much brighter then this 01-11-2009
70NYD common mate cough up the pics already
i think enough anticepation has been built
marcs_sp20 any new pics mick? we're eager to see it!!! 16-07-2009
-dc- hey mate, car looks awesome in the new colour, where are the full car pics? 27-04-2009
sik astina Its HOK paint.. purple over gold with silver airbrushing with lime green pin striping 11-04-2009
marcs_sp20 Is that at a guess tangello over purple with green airbrushing, if so, wicked 08-04-2009
sik astina some teaser shots from the build and a small shot together 08-04-2009
marcs_sp20 SO what got done to it?? im eager for new pics! 26-03-2009
sik astina thanks phly 01-01-2009
phly The 19s on your daily look real hot. Nice work mate 27-11-2008
sik astina Thanks Craig,

My exhaust is 2 1/4" from the turbo back.. My brother works at South Coast Rotary Performance here in Wollongong. If you want a price just send me a PM and we can work something out
Jenko. Hey Mick, I love your ride man! Saw it on ignition back in the day and have loved it ever since. Just wondering have you got a 2.5" exhaust all the way through or just a cat back? and where did you get it done? Cheers.
sik astina added ya too :P 30-06-2008
MZ_323 Hey matey, add me to your msn... Wanna_cruise@hotmail.com 24-06-2008
sik astina Hey mate, added ya 21-04-2008
JackedFibraz Hey bro
add me if you have msn
it would be great to talk
sik astina Hey JackedFibraz, A place in sydney called 2DMAX autotrim.. Im not sure if they are still around tho 24-01-2008
JackedFibraz Hey bro
Who did the trim?
sik astina AutoSalon this weekend guys 30-11-2007
sik astina Thanks mate, Ah cool, let us know when you do the airbrushing so i can have a look at ya work 21-11-2007
zappy65 Mick this thing just keeps on gettin better and better, not my cup of tea but hey, gratitude where it is due....keep it up man...im doin my airbrushing on the BG when it finally gets a respray, ill show ya what i can do with an airbrush....sweet.. 15-11-2007
sik astina LOL.... yeah she was sooooo wrong..... Was good for a laugh hahahaha 26-10-2007
bourbon ohhh you were one of the guys goin crazy for mumma jugs hahhahahaahahahahahahaahhaah ewwww!!! so wrong!!! 24-10-2007
sik astina The car has vinyl's there. You could see it when they had the top view on the left.. It has the bright yellow interior... Next too my mates car OB5ESD.

Also i was in the pizza shop... LOL.. I was wearing a bandana how funny!
bourbon watched fatpizza...and onlyt thing me and the misses could pic was your car was them washin the rims that are in the old pic of your car were there are no vynles and stuff on it! 22-10-2007
sik astina Fat Pizza tonight!!! Watch it 22-10-2007
bourbon great airbrushing mate...love it heaps 20-10-2007
sik astina Fat Pizza...... This MONDAY...... SBS... 9PM..... My car is gonna be in there 19-10-2007
sik astina Pics are up mate 18-10-2007
sik astina Ill put on up when i get a chance.. Its been there for awhile lol.. in 2005 sometime 16-10-2007
bourbon pics of the airbrushing on the bonnet??? just noticed it...how longs it been there? 14-10-2007
sik astina thanks 14-10-2007
OZY-323 i have to admit that is one awesome ride. 05-10-2007
sik astina There was a email sent around to send a photo of your car and your details.. After that i got a call from the guys at fat pizza to be in it.. They picked what they wanted etc.. and they paid $50 for car hire and i got a few Fat pizza shirts hehe.. was a fun day.. I was in the fat pizza shop for a few bits too lol 03-10-2007
bourbon how the helll did you get it on fatpizza??? 02-10-2007
sik astina Thanks Kirk 02-10-2007
[Mr Mazda 323] Hi Mick,

Just picked up Ignition DVD this month, great to see your ride in it! Awesome job all round - esp. the fact that everything is engineered!

Congrats once again mate!

sik astina ta RedLineResident, Yeah i know what you mean hehe.. 17-09-2007
RedLineResident Congrats man, sweet ride. This isn't a bad thing just something i noticed. Your rotors and calipers look tiny compraed to your monster wheels. overall a great car, love it. 13-09-2007
sik astina Thanks marcs_sp20, Yeah its changed alot since then Haven't stopped tho 08-09-2007
sik astina yeah mazdaak, I couldn't back down coz i was in the right 08-09-2007
marcs_sp20 Looked thru all my fast fours books the other night, and by go hasnt it changed over the last 2 years! Love it mate 04-09-2007
mazdaak that's sik that's the way it goes wen dealing with cops give them hard time and laugh at them haha but that was cool 04-09-2007
mcwilly cya at newy auto salon 01-09-2007
sik astina Will be entering Newcastle Autosalon this weekend ... cant wait 28-08-2007
sik astina lol dave, Some ppl like em some dont.. each to there own i guess I like em thats what matters 19-08-2007
Dogo under bodies ???


now its pretty AND ugly
sik astina A sweet.. might be on the same issue 06-08-2007
bourbon orange panel house one. good work on that toooooo... they did his full shoot last month too 03-08-2007
sik astina Hey bourbon,

I done my shoot last month and its a full feature on me and the car.. driving etc..
Andrew from ignition said it will be this month or the next.. issue 20 or 21.. Ill post it up when i hear of anything..

Which drift silvia is it?
bourbon what edition of ignition dvd is it on? full feature on it?? mate from work his drift silvia has a feature on it coming up sometime... 03-08-2007
sik astina Check out Drift Australia on Sunday 5th of August at 12:00noon on SBS “Speedweek”... My car might be on there in the show n shine bit 03-08-2007
sik astina Tanks mate I had a run in with the cops last time with them on lol..

I was parked in the car park in town and the cops came in.. I turned them off lol.. and she came over got my Licence and called in a HWY cop to come in.. She was going to defect me but i said to her the rules are "I can have them on when the engine is off and the car is not moving" She didnt think so...

30mins later................. and everyone watching and making fun of the cops.....

HWY Cop came in and said the same thing to her lol... I got away
mazdaak hey hey looking better than ever spacially them neons looks real sic 01-08-2007
sik astina Yeah still more i wanna do to it... not done yet.. Oh the neons change colours 23-07-2007
sik astina Thanks zappy65 ) 23-07-2007
project.r.racing nice - purple neons, have you left any thing to do on it now??? 23-07-2007
zappy65 mate that has too be one of the best cars ive ever seen...inspiration...love it mate keep up the good ones.. 18-07-2007
sik astina Tanks jhoeven 18-07-2007
sik astina Updated pics 03-07-2007
jhoeven WOW, sweet ride dude, looking great. 26-06-2007
sik astina *update on deadly* Fitting a new front bar... alot of cutting lol 25-06-2007
sik astina Woot i got Runners up Best 4 Cylinder/Rotary vehicle so happy 25-06-2007
sik astina LOL LYNX, thanks mate 20-06-2007
sik astina Which one? They are not for sale but anything is for sale for the right price 20-06-2007
LYNX dude i want those chicks ha ha and nice car 17-06-2007
mazdaak so how much you selling for mate? 17-06-2007
sik astina Hey mate, Im leaving laylow how it is but deadly will be changing soon 15-06-2007
project.r.racing hey mick, great work, you gonna do some custom stuff soon? cos they are looking very stock. LOL 15-06-2007
sik astina Thanks mate 06-06-2007
mazdaak really stand out i mean its out of the hook bro keep it up 31-05-2007
Miss 323 Hey Mick, Congrats on your latest Autosalon trophy in Sydney this past weekend :-) 07-05-2007
sik astina Thanks guys 25-04-2007
mazdaak Its really sik ride mate 16-04-2007
Miss 323 Great to see you've updated your pics Mick!! Congrats on the trophy at Melbourne Autosalon too! Will definitely be the first of many this year :-) 09-04-2007
toyer23 rolling piece of art man. sweet, sweet ride. 05-04-2007
Astina Andy Woah nice ride! 24-03-2007
Miss 323 Update your pics Mick! 28-02-2007
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