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SOHC 1.8L 16v
(270 000 km's)
2.5" pipe thru to 2.5" crome muff tip
-K&N pod filter in mail now (idiot at repco put it down to be delivered on a ship)
-An intake thru the scoop in bonet (in July, when i get body kit)
-Buying a 1.8L DOHC GTX BPT (later this year) overhauling the engine and installing
with all the good bits
-If I do eventually go for turbo (depending on $), will have to go al out with new
driveshafts, flywheel, clutch, gear box..etc

Bad paint from previous owner (white)
17"x7" CSA machined rims
With Dunlop regal tyres
Missing both pillar moulds (i have 1 in the boot, waiting to be glued on after the
paintjob, and i need to buy another one)
-Pakfiefer kit 1 with new bonet also(just ordered)
-Painting myself in our own paint room at farm in hills (extractor fan, gravity
-COLOUR > mid/dark metallic blue with two (white silver) stripes down middle
-Painting barke calipers (not sure whether to do them silver, blue white, red)
-Chroming black strips along roof

SAAS stearing wheel (black with blue soft leather thum grips, and blue inner
Matching foot peddles
Door trim covered in light blue fur (did this when I first got the car cos the original
trim was stringy and rank)
-Continuing exterior paintjob onto dash (two central stripes) and painting doors and
other plastic/vynl peaces
-Redoing door trim and interior carpet/roof carpet

Panasonic deck
Kenwood coaxials in front doors
Alpine 6x9"s in rear shelf
Alpine 6.5" splits with woofer mounted next to driver and passengers head (safer
than it sounds) and tweeters next to face (inbetween windscreen/door panel)
MTX 10" Thunder in MTX ported box
Boss 4x55 Watt RMS running splits and 6x9"s
Boss 2x150 Watt RMS running MTX sub
-Custom boot install with another 12" and another amp
-Custom shelf install
-Put splits into custom door pods and 2 new coaxials in a custom mounted fibreglass
box where light in centre of roof (i did thiswith a friend on his mazda..121, lol)
-Replace that bit missing underneath my deck in dash

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92 MAZDA 323 ASTINA BG - Photo 1191 92 MAZDA 323 ASTINA BG - Photo 1190 92 MAZDA 323 ASTINA BG - Photo 1192 92 MAZDA 323 ASTINA BG - Photo 1193
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