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1996 Astina Hatch

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1996 Astina Hatch
I loved this car. Sadly it was smashed by someone in Melbourne at a big roundabout. Written off. I got another one inNoble green which is a great car but I still really like the white one. It's funny because when I first bought the white astina I really wanted a dark blue one! Weird huh?


Ok so I got a new front bumper bar put on and some other stock bodywork so it's all nice now. After seeing all the stuff you guys have done , and because I really like my car too...I've recently done some stuff to make my car feel better:

Alignment and balance tyres....feels so perfect on the road now!

Upgrades to +50 headlights and properly adjusted now...Makes such a diff!

Tyres...In America you can get these type of tyres for cars. I LOVE them. I live in the country so Low profile tyres don't seem like a good idea....and I like the old school Raised white letters look.

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1996 Astina Hatch - Photo 1485 White 96 Astina - All clean! I love my new White Letter Tyres! Now what??? Blacked out nose? I dunno... I did black out the nose 1997 Teardrop Astina Combo Teardrop And 97 Astina combo
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