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2006 WR250F

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2006 WR250F
My new means of transport, I know it's not a mazda, but it's Japanese and that's pretty close.

It's an '06 Yamaha WR250F.
Basically a road registerable enduro bike, it goes like a skun cat and has a nice note to it. It has an aftermarket FMF powercore muffler on it which is heaps better than the standard one. That's about it for mods, I've put a different sprockets on it so it's a bit better on road, but it doesn't seem to make much difference in the bush, it still gets up and goes really hard.
I put the graphics kit on recently cause when I bought the bike it had half the factory graphics on it and those ones were pretty ordinary.

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2006 WR250F - Photo 3557 2006 WR250F - Photo 3558 2006 WR250F - Photo 3559
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