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1994 BA Astina Turbo

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1994 BA Astina Turbo
Mazda BA Astina Hatchback

1.8l GTX Turbo engine
Microtech lt8 ecu
Greddy Turbo Timer
Boche High performance Leads and ignition coil
K&N Pod Filter
800mm Hybrid Intercooler
3" exhaust to cat then 2.5" to muffler with dual tips
180hp @ 10psi (will up the boost soon but clutch is slippin at high boost levels)

2" lowered pedders & KYB Excel G struts
Front Strut Brace & Whiteline 20mm rear sway bay
17" DTM Executives
DBA Slotted Rotors on front

Full respray in Mazda Winning Blue
Front lip + sideskirts
Stock spoiler
Black 'clear' tailights
Philips Xeon headlight globes
AstinaGT rear sticker

Stock apart from silver painted dash (Still looks great BigMal)
Aftermarket steering wheel
Boost guage

--ICE & RICE--
The stereo hasnt been put in yet but i've got all the parts already.
It'll go in now that the ecu is done and i have the car back.

H/U: Eclipse AVX500 single-din flipout 7" touchscreen dvd player
Front: Pioneer TS-C160R 6.5" component speakers + tweeter
Rear: Pioneer TS-C160R 6.5" component speakers + tweeter
Subs: 2x Pioneer TS-W256C 10"
Amps: Pioneer GM-6200F 4Channel
2x Pioneer GM-7200M Monoblock (2 for crazy stereo bass.. LOL)
Sound Deadening: 2x Dynamat Extreme Bulk Packs
Misc: Modded XBOX
Aerpro 1 Farad Capacitor with Led voltage display
Enough wire to circle the globe!!

Put stereo in - involves alot of crazy construction to fit it all
Reupholster interior
Maybe new wheels
Top secret external graphics mod - more info later
Electronic boost controller
Then after all that i will want more power so: new turbo, fuel system,etc.

BigMal for the car
Everyone on AstinaGT
Belmont Panel & Paint
Rotomotion Performance
Alberts CarStereo Cannington

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Author Comment Date
tylerstewart1 do you still have this? 04-08-2012
stock is best Yeh thats an awesome looking car...what colour is it called? 22-03-2010
psilentp hey man, spotted you at the commonwealth bank in cannington last week

nice ride ^^
marcs_sp20 Did this thing ever get finished? Love the colour 12-08-2009
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