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1990 FORD TX3

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1990 FORD TX3
here are a few pics of my car, i hope u enjoy them

the first 2 are with my old wheels and the last one is my new wheels.

i am just running a standard turbo and ecu and a fornt mount with a crap exhaust, it goes well enough for me atm.

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1990 FORD TX3 - Photo 403 1990 FORD TX3 - Photo 404 1990 FORD TX3 - Photo 405 1990 FORD TX3 - Photo 406
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Member: dazztx3
Created: 30-06-2005 09:12 PM
Last Modified: 30-06-2005 09:12 PM
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marcs_sp20 damn that engine bay is immaculate, love it! 07-03-2010
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