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1992 mazda astina rx-3 type

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1992 mazda astina rx-3 type
I bought my astina 4 years ago with some awful condition. the color is already yellow, painted by the previous owner with SIKKEN Yellow Pearl Metallic. I added black color on his side strip, replaced his 17" wheels with a new one, bought four goodyear eagle F1 size R17 / 215 / 45.

My engine specification is DOHC 4 cyl.inline 1,8l, with oil cooler,140 HP,semi closed ratio gearbox.

I put digital volt meter, oil pressure gauge and water temperature gauge from autogauge . for the muffler, i put HKS Titanium dual pipe.
He has digital dashboard ( in Indonesia we dont have astina with the analog dashboard ), thats why i put a digital voltmeter, matching with the dashboard,especially during the night

My car still run at 7000 rpm, still have his 140 HP, eventhough i never touch the engine.I just using castrol GTX magnatec for the lubricant and Pertamax Plus ( 98 octane) for his fuel.

my top speed was 180 km/h, and he still could running, but I dont want to push him, since he need some replacement on the shockbreaker and brake disc.

I also add a ford escort GT wing ( rallye version ) for more stability, and it does !
I try to do some manuver on the toll road and i could catch an SLK eventhough i couldn't pass him.

I'm planning to add turbo on the engine, but it would cost a lot ( usd 1,000 and more ), so I still reconsider about it.

I also add dual black strip from the front of the car all the way to the back,to make him more aggresive.

I'm planning to lower his ground clearance, maybe on this october, to improve his stability.

I will test his 405m time and 0-100 km/h time in the future time with his standard engine.

I will add some photos on next october. I left him in Indonesia, I currently studying in Malaysia now...so you'd better keep watching for a new photos and improvement

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skitz very nice man you will have to keep us all updated as you go 27-03-2007
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