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2000 Ford Mondeo Verona sedan

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2000 Ford Mondeo Verona sedan
My current baby, a 2000 Ford Mondeo.

Purchased Sept 2006 on eBay without ever having seen it in the flesh.

sent dad and a mate down to pick it up, and spent a week getting rid of the mould growing in/on/around it.

about June 2007 I bought a set of wheels for her, 17" Ford Focus Zetec wheels (from ebay again)

Eibach Pro-Kit to lower her approx 50mm (not installed yet)

Engine: 1989cc Zetec 4cyl DOHC blacktop
Gearbox: Ford MTX75, Mondeo Tall gearset
Wheels: 17x7 Focus Zetec
Tyres: 215/45 R17 Toyo Proxes4
Body: sedan

Dyno: 71.3kw @ 5340rpm - Protek Dyno Dynamics

no results, but didn't embarrass myself.

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