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2003 323 sp20 mazda

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2003 323 sp20 mazda
Its been awhile since ive been on here an updated this..the car is still a work in progress.. i dont think it will eva b finished..the car has changed a little bit ive add some new gear..
The car has been in Hot 4s an on Foxtel..
so far i have done

* 3" ceramic coarted exhaust, 4 1/2" cannon
* Polished rocker cover
* WhiteLine ADJ front strut brace
* WhiteLine rear sway bar
* Haltec LT10s
* 600cc injectors
* 350x900x60 intercooler
* 4x bosch coil packs
* forged pistions and rods
* port an polish head
* stage 2 cams
* ADJ cam gears
* garret GT3082r turbo
* 50mm wastegate
* PAR straight cut gear box
* brass button clutch

* black/yellow leather trim
* SoundStream floor mats
* roof trimmed in black,visiors half yellow half black
* 4x downlights fitted into roof
* 4x red downlights fitted into center console
* center console,glove box, speedo surround all painted yellow..
* TWM short shifter
* heated front seats

* Scroch 18"x7.5" Chrome Rims wrapped in 215/35Rubber (deleted)
* Lowered 4" at rear and 3" at front
* dragon airbrushin to bonnet, front guards n doors
* black front lip
* 30% tint
* clear chrome tail lights (deleted)
* 20" rims all round
* K-sport coilovers
* black head lights
* black tali lights
* shark fin antenna

* kenwood dvd player
* SoundStream Amps
* SoundStream Sub
* SoundStream 6.5" splits front n hatch
* SoundStream 6" 3ways rear
* SoundStream capacitor with digital volt meter.
* 4 monitors mounted in headrests
* 15" flush mounted screen
* PS2 mounted with wireless controllers (deleted)
* custom all round

things to cum: full re-spray, full re-trim, Detailed engine bay . enjoy on weekends

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power it made stock it exhaust power it made on 17psi. cant find the dyno sheet for the run on 25psi 2003 323 sp20 mazda - Photo 4093 2003 323 sp20 mazda - Photo 4094 2003 323 sp20 mazda - Photo 4095 2003 323 sp20 mazda - Photo 4096
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mclucky It looks like alot of time and money has gone into this build, well done. Have you won any prizes at autosalon? 22-09-2008
bourbon nice work mate...dont want to see the 20s on this hahah would look like a 4x4...plus youd have to run 25profile tyres hahahahahahaha it might be alright for a show only purpose...but nice work mate...be good to see the dash and all of that... 27-10-2007
EVADE any updates yet? did you get the Protege5 badge yet? check out the lounge for the pics of Hawaii Protege5's=)

cool paint job, but not my style though. i think your car is the most customized down there.
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