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2002 Mazda Familia/Protege5

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2002 Mazda Familia/Protege5
Team Pro 5 EST. 2002

Simota C/F Intake
HKS Hi-Power Axle Back
OBX 4-1 Header
Magnacore 8mm Spark Plug Wires
Cusco Oil Catch Can
Cusco Radiator Cap
AWR Motor Mounts 77 Duro(all 4)
1sty Ground Wires(Red)
Samco Radiator Hoses(Red)
Optima Red Top Battery
MSP Headlights
6K H4 HID Kit
Rolling Rock Radiator Over Flow Bottle=)
MazdaSpeed Enigine Cover with MSP Valve Cover
Billet Oil Cap
Custom Hood Dampers(30lbs. for Fiberglass Hood)
TWM Short Shifter
KartBoy Bushings
Magnetic Oil Drian Plug
Mobil 1 10W-30
Mobil 1 626 Oil Filter
Clifford 2Way Car Alarm

Suspension/Body Braces:
BC Coilovers with Front Endlinks
AWR Rear Sway Bar w/ Endlinks
AWR Lateral Bars
Cusco Front Strut Tower Bar
Generic Rear Tower(from MX6)
GTspec Front Lower Tie Bar(Painted)
GTspec 4pt Ladder Bar(Painted)
Universal Floor Bar(chrome)

Rota D2 18x8 +48 offset 5x114.3
Toyo Proxes 4 205/40/18
Muteki Open Ended Locks(black)
CorkSport Steel Braided Brake Lines(front and rear)
Brembo Drilled and Slotted(front and rear)
EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads

Full MintBlue Kit with JDM/EDM Rear Bumper and Bumper Brackets
AutoExe Wing
AutoExe Grill
Ion Performance Carbon Fiber Hood Painted
VentShade Visors
JDM Taillights with LED Reverse Bulbs
JDM Front Tilt License Plate Holder w/ Custom Plates
xelderx Custom Billet Antenna Powder Coated Black
Familia Badge
Option Wagon Sticker
Removed Side Moldings
OEM Roof Rack Strip
OEM Mazda Tribute Washer Nozzles

35% Tint
Indiglo Gauges
TWM BombShell Knob
Custom Short Shift Boot
Custom Painted Pieces
Leadfoot Custom Gauge Bezel
Nokya Pedal(Bed Lined)
LED Interior Bulbs
OEM MSP Floor Mats
OEM MSP Door Sills
OEM JDM Rear Cup Holder
OEM Rear Hatch Plastic Floor Cover
OEM Rear Hatch Cargo Net
AutoMeter Dual Gauge Pods
AutoMeter Air/Fuel Gauge
AutoMeter Volts Gauge
AutoMeter Electric Oil Pressure Gauge
AutoMeter Boost Gauge

Alpine DVD/CD Receiver Model DVA-9861(custom mounted in ash tray)
Alpine Type S 5x7(front)
Alpine Type S 6.5(rear)
8" Bazooka(amplified)
7" XO Vision Screen(custom mounted in stock deck location)
10.5" Alpine Rear Flip Down Screen Model TMX-R1000

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Member: EVADE
Created: 06-07-2007 04:22 PM
Last Modified: 07-09-2010 10:51 AM
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Comments: 16

Author Comment Date
EVADE Got a pic of my new TOY! 12-07-2008
EVADE sorry, erased some other stuffs so it dont take that long now=) and it does take longer loading it the regular way too and having to resize. 11-04-2008
bourbon sure does...only issue is he wont want to resize them haha 11-04-2008
marcs_sp20 hey man, put your pics within the pics section on here, gets annoying waiting for pics to load and then scroll down to see the info... 10-04-2008
02-KQ-LASR sweet ride!
love the look of it.
skitz hahahaha that 86 looks like fun hahahahah 14-03-2008
EVADE got some pix and a video of my AE86 posted=) check it out! 03-03-2008
EVADE if you really want one, go on the Mazdaforums24/7.com because theres another group buy for $185 shipped from DGM, but dont know about international? You can get more JDM parts then me practically from Rup. I got a replica grill for sale and small enough to ship down under! 25-02-2008
marcs_sp20 wanna sell me your autoexe lip 25-02-2008
EVADE Old pics before new goes up!=) 25-02-2008
EVADE Thanks!MintBlue kit almost ready for paint !!! 15-02-2008
skitz dude thats one sexy car, keep it up 15-02-2008
EVADE thanks! i just put some new things like the autoexe wing, H7 6000k HID kit, 22mm progress rear sway bar. waiting for bonnet lifters for the carbon hood. later will paint lip body color white. 20-07-2007
bradsp20 Hey mate

your ride looks HAWT!!!

Like the front grill
same as meself
EVADE yeah it looks fast, but only simota c/f air box, obx headers, HKS axle back and 8.5mm magnacore spark plug wires. nothing special yet but might drop a MSP motor later or the JDM FSZE. a couple of my friends in Team Pro 5 are turboed and one is fully built with internals and has a full mintblue kit on.ill try to post pics of Hawaii 's Protege 5 's 17-07-2007
marcs_sp20 Looks tuff, any engine mods??? 17-07-2007
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