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BG 1990 SOHC - The White Flash... aka. Shazza

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BG 1990 SOHC - The White Flash... aka. Shazza

  • SOHC
  • White
  • 5spd manual
  • 16x,xxxkms

The decision has been made to spend money on the Astina and get modding. Stay tuned.

MODS (Thus far...)
Interior pack (Start of silver/grey interior theme.)
AstinaGT.com sticker
SAS Gear Knob and performance pedals

P.S I'm listing absoloutely everything I do to the car here so that in 6 months time I can look back and see exactly what I've changed.

MODS (Near future)
Rims and lowering.
GT spoiler
Jap spec tail lights
Sleepy eye conversion
Window tint

Random notes and thoughts on the car as they come...

Fresh piccies taken in a local carpark. Had some great lighting. Enjoy.

- Last weekend I went down to SuperCheap Auto and bought new gear knob and cover, and a new accelerator pedal designed to stick out further to make Heel-Toeing easier. Happy with the results and the car is really starting to feel like it's mine. Exhaust comes next...

- Made the decision to spend money on the Astina and put future Supra aspirations on hold, at least for a while. Will be spending as it comes but trying to keep the bank balance approximately in the green. Kinda' hoping that the need/want to save will stop me pissing away on useless stuff anway - eating out, expensive beer (Tooheys New here we come) and needless shopping.

- Went for a cruise with AstinaGT.com guys from Adelaide last week in the hills and again with the SASupra club today. Learned alot about the car; how it responds to hard cornering and how to shift and gear select to keep it in the power band. Very happy with how she backs up after a good flogging!

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BG 1990 SOHC - The White Flash... aka. Shazza - Photo 2285 BG 1990 SOHC - The White Flash... aka. Shazza - Photo 2286 BG 1990 SOHC - The White Flash... aka. Shazza - Photo 2287 BG 1990 SOHC - The White Flash... aka. Shazza - Photo 2288 BG 1990 SOHC - The White Flash... aka. Shazza - Photo 2289
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Created: 29-08-2007 11:03 PM
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Author Comment Date
GISS-90BG This car has been sold now, unfortunately mate. Moved on to bigger and better things but I still loved it to pieces! 04-07-2008
d5.lam Nice job mate. Your progress on the car is similar to mine so it looks like we can be best buds then ^^. I have '93 BH though, so i think its DOHC? 21-05-2008
RedLineResident Get to know the astina. When you push it to its absolute limit and get bored then modify and improve it. Repeat process until you are 3 years wiser and more experienced before getting a supra. Too many ponies too soon could spell disaster. 07-09-2007
Sam_323 haha... same dreams as me and my sis with the supra, doors look simila to what i did to my white BG-blue swade.
i reckon thats a newer dash aswell, different colour to the 90's BG...
RedLineResident Your granny drove a 5speed, that is impressive. Good buy, low k's and very tidy, congrats man. 30-08-2007
twilightprotege ducks nuts? 17-05-2005
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