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Engine swapped on the 26/06/07 Also need to put some new pics up of the new engine and interior

BP-T GTX FAMILIA ENGINE 106,000kms on it
3" turbo-back mandrel bent exhaust mild steel
stainless steel High flow cat
mega flow muffler 3inch
4 inch dump pipe tip
small air pod
Excedy heady duty clutch with extra strengethed pressure plate
NGK iridium spark plugs
standard Jap spec gtx ECU
stock manifold and turbo
aus mirco short shifter

Jap spec lights
Perfect condition Pillars
AGT sticker
17inch rims
Falken tyres 215/40/17
painted white windscreen wipers
painted white brake calipers
repainted black front and rear bumpers
repainted black side strips
narva artic blue globes
narva horn
new QLD number plates

4 blue neons in each foot well
Switch for neons
Red racing pedals
painted white interior trim
strap on white seat covers
Auto meter vaccum/boost guage

Sound system
pioneer head unit
pioneer 6's in the front doors 220w max
pioneer 6x9's in rear parcel shelf 350w max
pioneer 1000w max sub woofer
Kenwood 1100watt mono block amp

whiteline front struct brace
whiteline rear struct brace
whiteline rear sway bar 20mm solid
king springs lows
KYB gas shocks

RDA front and rear slotted disc rotors
lucas brake pads
lucas racing brake fluid

Ideas for the future
BPT conversion (done)
window tint
car alarm

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1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 1635 1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 1637 1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 1810 1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 1811 1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 1812 1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 2022 1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 2023 1990 Mazda ASTINA SP TURBO - Photo 2024
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Author Comment Date
BGSP Love the interior 21-04-2010
marcs_sp20 WHY DID U GET RID OF THE RIMS???? 03-03-2008
tinastar I went in this car the other day!! SOOO smooth.. awesome jobbie Luke! 15-09-2007
MAztinA 323 22-08-2007
LYNX the old engine is under my house atm and its rooted needs a rebuild but still it goes tho 08-07-2007
tinastar yeah, what did happen to the old one man? lol. you gotta great car now dude! 08-07-2007
Mad Mat nice work. what happenin to ur oud engine????? did it go boom??? 04-07-2007
marcs_sp20 lol loving the piglet drift toy 04-07-2007
project.r.racing boost!!! 04-07-2007
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