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2003 Mazda BJII Protege

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2003 Mazda BJII Protege
My BJII second car (after I sold my BG). I am on my P's and the car isn't in the best shape as the pervious owner had a dog and was full of dog hair. Also crashed it into my house :S which is why it has a dodgy front bar.

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2003 Mazda BJII Protege - Photo 4170 2003 Mazda BJII Protege - Photo 4171 2003 Mazda BJII Protege - Photo 4172 New wheels and exhaust 2003 Mazda BJII Protege - Photo 4184 The wheels I know needs more low haha
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Member: lukeyprotege
Created: 07-07-2012 03:52 PM
Last Modified: 21-08-2012 10:13 PM
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Author Comment Date
lukeyprotege Wow my 4x4 stance 04-03-2013
lukeyprotege Will keep them silver for now Don't want to much black and lowering will be later this year 24-08-2012
Mad Mat just paint the too.. i had a go trying to remove them but there glued in from memory... 23-08-2012
lukeyprotege Was thinking that don't know how the little bolt things would turn out though. 22-08-2012
Mad Mat dude. paint the centre of the rims black and leave the polished lip... and drop it 35/50mm and she will look sweet as 22-08-2012
xeon8 Nice car! As Mat said it needs to be lower for sure 15-07-2012
lukeyprotege that's the plan mat. hard with my money atm though finish school at the end of the year so it should start getting away from stock then . Low for christmas . 09-07-2012
Mad Mat needs to be dropped and some nicer mags and a exhaust and intake and u will be set till u get ur opens 09-07-2012
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