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1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo

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1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo
Updated: 27/10/11

Engine & Drivetrain:
BP26 DOHC turbo engine
- bored/honed/blueprinted block, now 1904cc in capacity
- 30thou oversized JE forged pistons
- ported/polished head
- lightened crankshaft (by 4.2kg)
- shotpeened/resized conrods
- reprofiled camshafts
- HKS adjustable cam gears
- matchported NA inlet manifold
Current Setup:
- Standard IHI RH6 GTX Turbo
- Standard manifold
- Wolf 3D v4.54 ECU
- 156kw at the wheels (dyno proven)
Old Setup: (removed due to defect/engineering...damned Victoria)
- T03/T04 hybrid highflowed ball bearing Garrett turbocharger
- Custom manifold (HPC Coated)
- Wolf 3D v4.54 ECU
- 194kw at the wheels (dyno proven)

3" turbo-back mandrel bent exhaust (HPC Coated)
with 3" hi-flow cat + Lukey 3" (just legal) muffler
RevHard front-mount intercooler
Polished stainless steel intercooler piping
Custom boxed pod filter with CAI system
Custom billet aluminium blow-off valve
HKS oil filler cap
FSE rising-rate fuel pressure regulator
Walbro 700hp intank fuel pump
Mazdaspeed 1.3 bar radiator cap
Custom 40mm Aluminium radiator with twin slimline fans
Mazdaspeed Spark Plug Leads

- BA11P1 G Series gearbox
-- MFactory helical LSD
-- PAR straight-cut 3rd gear
-- 626 5th 5 gear
-- New synchros and bearings

- BA11P1 Driveshafts + CV joints
- TX3 4WD Flywheel
- Jim Berry custom 5 Puck 235mm Carbonics Clutch Plate
- Jim Berry custom 4WD pressure plate (2100lbs clamp)
- Custom braided steel clutch line
-- Mazdaspeed drivers (60 durometer) mount
-- Mazdaspeed rear (60 durometer) mount
-- Custom rear (80 durometer) engine mount
-- Custom front (80 durometer) engine mount
- Nyloil shifter linkage & stabilizer rod bushes
Old Drivetrain:
- BA11P2 F Series gearbox
- BA11P2 Driveshafts + CV joints
- 4 plate sprung centre brass button clutch
- Lightened BA11P2 flywheel

Custom projector headlights & housings
Custom LED taillights
Customised 'DTM' door mirrors
Customised AusDM front bar
Shaved badges
Shaved aerial
Deleted mudflaps
Shaved windscreen washer nozzles - new ones moved to scuttle panel
Tinted Windows
Clear side indicators
'WRECHT' numberplates
ASC 750 Sunroof (ex-dealer fitted Mazda sunroof
Customised 2002 WRX wing

Custom Dashboard incorporating molded gauge holder and custom shift light
Mazdaspeed carbon-look instrument cluster surround
Custom instrument cluster faces with red backlight
Polished aluminium instrument cluster rings
Custom instrumentation (heater etc) lighting in red
Custom integration of Wolf 3D hand controller with red screen into dash
Mazdaspeed B-spec leather steering wheel
Mazdaspeed Sport seats in White/Grey Synthetic Leather
Autometer boost gauge
RAZO 340g gearknob
Lantis Type R leather shifter boot
Rupe-spec quick-shift gear lever
Mazdaspeed shift boot spacer
Leather Mazda handbrake cover
Sparco aluminium race pedals
Polished Lantis aluminium door sills
Chrome interior door handles
Mazdaspeed dash badge
JDM coin holder
Twin circular LED high-mount stoplights
FD3S RX-7 Interior Mirror
Mazdaspeed CF-look Mirror Cover
Retrimmed A/B/C Pillars
Retrimmed headlining
Mazda 626 Interior Light and Sunroof switches

In-Car Entertainment:
JVC AVX2 DVD 5.1 channel Headunit
JVC 12-stack CD Changer
Alpine DDC-R13H DDDrive 5.25 splits - front
Pioneer TS-D690R 6x9 2way coaxials - rear
12" Pioneer TS-W306DVC in custom molded box
Custom one piece boot carpet
PPI.6600 six channel amp with QBass controller - Front/Centre/Rear speakers
Alpine MRP-M450 monoblock amp - Sub
Custom tweeter covers

Rolling Stock:
Mazdaspeed MS-02 in 17x8 +38 5x114.3
with 215/40/17 Falken RT-615 semi slicks
Auscar 15" alloy wheels
17x7 OZ Racing 'Polaris' rims
Mazda MX5 NA 14x5.5 rims
Mazda Astina V6 Alloys
Mazdaspeed MS-01F 16x7 rims

Brakes & Suspension:
5 stud hub and caliper conversion
Front: 274mm RDA slotted discs with Lucas V6 pads
Rear: 276mm RDA slotted dics with Lucas MX5 pads
APP braided brake lines
Aragosta Type-W Coilovers:
- Aragosta adjustable dampers and height-adjustable bodies
- Rana springs
- Cusco pillowball adjustable-camber tophats

Whiteline 20mm rear swaybar
Mazdaspeed front strut brace
V6 rear trailing arms
Nolathane rear trailing arm bushes
Superpro polyurethane LCA offset caster bushes

JIC height/damper adjustable coilovers with Cusco pillowball adjustable camber plates - rebuilt by TSR
Ground Control coilover sleeves with Eibach springs
Koni Yellow adjustable dampers

Projects on the go: Updated 02/03/08
Completion of projector headlights - need paint
Completion of custom tail lights - need paint
Customisation of Jap-spec front bar and WRX STI V1 lip - needs finessing
Shaving of the aerial - halfway done
Shaving of the rear numberplate panel - almost done
Customisation of rear bumper - almost done
Installation of Mazdaspeed sideskirts - need paint as they're Classic Red!
Customisation of spare bonnet - almost done
Installing my Cusco underchassis brace
Getting my Mazdaspeed exhaust tip welded on
Shaving my spare cam cover
Fabricating a custom cam gear cover
Customising the new rear wing
Installing an Exhaust Control Valve - started

Soonish Plans:
Full respray - to Nissan S14 Shiraz
Front brake upgrade
Garrett GT28RS turbocharger on my custom manifold
Pulling apart the engine to:
- Put the PAR conrods in
- Put the MSBP in
Pulling the gearbox out again to put in my new lightweight (4.8kg) PAR flywheel
Installing a WolfEMS boost controller
Making the car more impractical to enter

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1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 881 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 601 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 41 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 880 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 1843 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 1986 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2006 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2054 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2055 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2196 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2197 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2198 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2321 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2471 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2474 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2780 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2781 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2785 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2819 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2877 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2921 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 2993 1996 Mazda 323 Astina Hardtop Turbo - Photo 3042
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Author Comment Date
Rupewrecht Thanks! Just shoot me a PM if you have any questions 01-12-2014
kapisan Hi Rupert!
you are my lantis hero...
I am just picking up on my own overdue lantis hardtop project (put on hold since 2010. Been with me since forever 1998)...will be asking you for some tips on how to give new life to the car soon..
Very very difficult to get parts nowadays but hopefully i can use all the info in astinagt for guidance and pick up new Mazda loyalist friends along the way, esp those who understand having to take care of a 323 lantis hardtop.

Regards from Brunei
Rupewrecht Thanks guys 10-01-2013
terox93 WOW MAN LOVE IT 10-01-2013
ross un-bloody-believable!

Not even going to try to get mine like that. Similar, is about it :-)
Maccas94 Very nice, great job!
How does the car drive with the MFactory LSD?
xeon8 Freekin awesome car! I love this and the Beetle 06-04-2012
Rupewrecht On the front i'm just using V6 (Astina/Lantis V6/Type-R) pads - they should be easy to source. 19-03-2011
vam_vam im having problems with my pads.. i converted from 4stud to 5 stud and now my pads are thin im looking for the right pads for 5studs .. my friends told me my 5stud came from a 323 lantis type r version with 5 stud.. 19-03-2011
Mr goD AMAZING 323 rupe ive never seen one like yours ! 17-10-2010
paperjuice Can i have ur email as i have few quesntions i wana ask and have been searching for a long long time... u might save my life...
my email is macdes0412@hotmail.com
bourbon welll laaahdy dah dahH!!! 04-03-2009
Rupewrecht Hey it's had a 5 stud conversion, rebuilt coilovers, custom radiator, new wheels tyres - i wouldn't exactly call that nothing! 04-03-2009
bourbon nothing has 03-03-2009
Rupewrecht LOL i don't think anything has really progressed! 02-03-2009
marcs_sp20 Should upgrade your "projects on the go" area: hasnt changed for a year today 02-03-2009
Rupewrecht The tweeter covers are off a Subaru Liberty - can't remember which model. But they're a pain to fit and get sitting right! 18-02-2009
MitchAaAaY Love these cars man. You've done well... but...
really really wondering baadly where you got those tweeter cover pods .. ?
They sit in pretty well and I dont want to cut mine in and ruin the doors =]
Rupewrecht I bought the JICs off another member (but i've brought in a few sets from Japan myself) and had them rebuilt. They're not supercomfortable, but i'm running them pretty low though. If i had them only an inch lower than standard (not three!) then they'd be comparable to normal lowering springs. And cheers! 28-10-2008
dimayatsenko i got a question dude. where did you purchase that suspension from and it is unbearable on little bumps? or is all right.
great car!!! tnx
Rupewrecht cheers! soon to undergo a few changes... 09-09-2008
mickey_323 you have an awesome car... 09-09-2008
bourbon hurry up and do the rear bar... 03-03-2008
Rupewrecht Hey it just lets me keep adding them - and who am i to argue 03-03-2008
marcs_sp20 I wish i could have 23 photo's in my readers rides 02-03-2008
skitz snap... at least when i am talking about kms i know thats not km/h (wink) and i am getting there 04-02-2008
Rupewrecht nah, you know you don't know anything, and that's better 04-02-2008
skitz ow does that mean he is like me.... hahahaha and i know when ur stirring took a damn while but wink 04-02-2008
Rupewrecht I've learnt to accept that you don't know what you're talking about most of the time! 04-02-2008
bourbon learn to accept when people are stiring you up hahaha 04-02-2008
Rupewrecht It's not a real/authentic/genuine/whatevarrr) Mazdaspeed one tho. Learn to interpret the english language. 04-02-2008
bourbon what is real then hahahahaha its real...just imagine it to be a real one 04-02-2008
Rupewrecht ...but it's not a real one! 04-02-2008
bourbon its half the price 04-02-2008
Rupewrecht but it's not a real one! 04-02-2008
bourbon ive got apink/purple oil cap at home...mazdaspeed one too haha 04-02-2008
Rupewrecht thanks snowgirl 23-01-2008
snowgirl12c WOW! Thats an amazing ride! Im on the way to making mine like yours... got the familia engine in her just cant hold onto gearboxes...

You should check mine out... Same make and model...


Very nice ride SIR!
Rupewrecht Have a look in my traders section 23-12-2007
Astina SP ok no worries what web site should i look on to get some ??? 22-12-2007
Rupewrecht They're actual Mazdaspeed seats from japan, and come like that. 21-12-2007
Astina SP hey there just curious did you buy your seats like that pre trimmed or did you get them trimmed up ??? car looks really hot to nice job !!! 21-12-2007
lakstunas Cool car, I want this car ) 18-12-2007
bourbon zappy you got nothin on yours hahahha 07-11-2007
Rupewrecht Heat wrap is rubbish! The black color is actually a heatproof coating 06-11-2007
zappy65 oh and i just noticed.....NO heat wrap around your exhaust manifold..WHAT ARE YOU THINKIN!!! heta soak rupe's...gee's.... 06-11-2007
bourbon hahaha zappy...its cause its not finished yet hahaha it will never be finished 06-11-2007
GISS-90BG Such a nice car mate. Congrats on all your effort - totally worth it! 05-11-2007
zappy65 Dude i just have to thank you for opening my eyes that much wider, im so sick of seeing done up pretty boy cars that dont get driven, this is a work of art, why dont they put people like you in Autosalon mags??? again, well done from a fellow enthusiast! 02-11-2007
Rupewrecht New pics are up! 27-09-2007
Rupewrecht no MS-02s for me 26-09-2007
bourbon how sexy would this be with MS-02 rims :P 19-09-2007
bourbon how muchies hahaha kaz has to buy me a steering wheel, gear knob and a gearstick boot.... 15-09-2007
Rupewrecht Still got it. Will eventually get around to selling it! 15-09-2007
bourbon what ya do with the old one? 15-09-2007
Rupewrecht Nothing wrong with the old one - but the Mazdaspeed goes with my seats better haha 15-09-2007
bourbon whats wrong with the old one? 15-09-2007
Rupewrecht Sexy new steering wheel installed! 12-09-2007
Rupewrecht Well i don't need the bar indicators with those headlights...and i do have a JDM front bar lying around to go on eventually. Technically that oil cap is 'HKS purple'...but yeah, it's magenta. 01-08-2007
Hebz Ah but it is pink.

And as the equation for speed is:

(Sexyness of car x Skill ( Turbo/s)) - (PinkOil Caps x 10) in KM/S
Love that photo by the river though.
Something indicates to me that there is something missing from your front bar though
Dogo awesome oilcap - now you'll break the 10sec mark :P 31-07-2007
Rupewrecht Thanks guys. A couple of new pics uploaded too. 31-07-2007
RedLineResident Love it man. Didn't do a thing wrong, excellent taste. Brilliant work too, everything looks completly pro. 29-07-2007
DavoAust very nice, looks totally professional too. i want to steal your dash now 25-07-2007
Rupewrecht All part of the Wolf hand controller - i just split the buttons to under the gauges and the Wolf display screen to where the clock usually sits...and deleted the headlight washer button while i was at it. 20-07-2007
DavoAust rup i know the controller to the lower left of the wheel is for the wolf, but what is the screen where the clock normally is? to the left of hazards/rear demister 20-07-2007
Rupewrecht Yeah, just forgot to post a pic of them up in here. 25-06-2007
ATOMIC AND THE TAIL LIGHTS APPEAR! Very sleek man Good job. 25-06-2007
Rupewrecht And it's soon going to undergo some major body mods to make it harder to use daily...hahaha 15-06-2007
Realist_88 damn man nice ride!!!! 14-06-2007
bourbon dan wins all awards...even best BG and BJ, we all know why he won best BJ hahaha! 09-05-2007
obzelite love the lights, looks pretty damn good 09-05-2007
bourbon THOSE SEATS ARE HOT HOT HOT! im gonna steal them to make them hotter haha 26-04-2007
skitz and it has an awsome alarm system :P hahaha it was great to see it dan but u should look into the indercating :P 11-04-2007
Rupewrecht It's no longer a boar anchor! It's aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! 10-04-2007
neb_vl i have the same car just wouth out the turbo how much to chang mine to a turbo?? its a 1996 323 ass hard top 20-03-2007
chipa Isn't it a boat anchor? 20-03-2007
skitz is that even a word :P lol yeah dan hurry up and register it and bring it to dorrigo already :P (no presure) 18-03-2007
mws78 one word.................. wow! 14-03-2007
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