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1994 Mazda BA Astina v6 Type R Hardtop

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1994 Mazda BA Astina v6 Type R Hardtop
NO point hosting pics of a car which doesnt resemble that anymore
Paint is ordered and is very different to whats currently on offer atm Cant get trained in its prep and application till april
No Batmobile at Dorrigo
Am very sad now

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Member: boostedbatman
Created: 18-02-2007 09:11 AM
Last Modified: 18-02-2007 09:11 AM
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Author Comment Date
marcs_sp20 ANy updates pete? 08-08-2007
bourbon weeee go petie! 03-03-2007
boostedbatman haha Dan I cant lead when that pimpin Bug will be flowing with Feather Boa's way out front for all to see
Tony, will post pics when paint is done but currently only one person is trained in Aus in the application of this product and I cant do a thing till he comes to Brisbane to teach me and a few other lucky souls
Rupewrecht It'll be the lead car at the mardi gras 26-02-2007
Xedos I want pics! 26-02-2007
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