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2007 Suzuki Intruder

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2007 Suzuki Intruder
After trying to find one with climate control I gave up and got this.

No modifications - just a hell of a lot of FUN !!

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2007 Suzuki Intruder - Photo 2193 2007 Suzuki Intruder - Photo 2194 2007 Suzuki Intruder - Photo 2195
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Member: Dogo
Created: 23-09-2007 10:00 PM
Last Modified: 24-09-2007 03:58 PM
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Author Comment Date
bourbon there riding boots dan hahaha hes a girl...unless if you wear gumboots...like giant ones that william wish wellingtons wears 15-02-2008
Rupewrecht OMG you're wearing shoes!?!?!? 14-02-2008
bourbon i cant believe any of us were drivers down there 14-02-2008
Dogo Oh - the bike has had its first mod. The passenger seat was removed.
I think it looks much better with the big rear fender exposed.
Dogo Was it the continuous supply of Tequila I was drinking at the time ? 13-02-2008
bourbon after meeting you i cant imagine you riding a bike...let alone a car 13-02-2008
project.r.racing tis hot me thinkz, and you look like you are having fun 30-09-2007
Dogo yeh I'll get around to fixing the pics in the RRides.

For now just check out my thread in the Lounge
bourbon pics still dont work atm... 24-09-2007
project.r.racing PicsOrBan! 24-09-2007
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