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1993 Mazda Astina SP - Nates 'Mazdaspeed' Astina *CURRENT*

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1993 Mazda Astina SP - Nates 'Mazdaspeed' Astina *CURRENT*
Mazdaspeed never sold a version of the bg astina, so i have built my astina up as a bit of a 'what if' MS actually got there fingers on it. As most of you will know this is not my original Astina, which was finally scrapped in oct last year, with all the good parts from it going into the new beast. the last three months have been spent, rebuilding and cleaning this new toy and i think it has come up rather well for a $1000 car

Car :
  • 1993 Astina SP
  • Clear White

Modifications :
  • BPT
  • 3 inch exhaust
  • HKS dual stage boost controller
  • AEM wideband air/fuel sensor / gauge
  • Autometer oil and boost pressure gauges
  • Mazdaspeed Seats
  • Mazdaspeed Gearknob
  • Mazdaspeed Hornbutton
  • Mazdaspeed Badge
  • Mazdaspeed Seatbelt covers
  • Mazdaspeed Oil Cap
  • Eunos 100 door cards and leather rear seat
  • Eunos 100 Digital dash
  • Monza racing seatbelt - ADR approved
  • Autostrata 15 inch 3 piece super light weight wheels
  • Kumho KU31 tyres
  • Poly bushings all round
  • Lowered 30mm with sports shocks
  • front strut brace
  • Painted rocker cover
  • Pansonic headunit with ipod cable
  • QFM pads and slotted roters
  • special cushions
  • grandpa spoiler
  • Jap taillights and center garnish

To Do (all sitting in the garage waiting for time to install!)
  • Front mount
  • Oil cooler
  • Microtech

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Member: Nate
Created: 26-01-2009 11:01 AM
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Author Comment Date
93BGASTINAGT Just wondering if the car is still available for sale? 16-11-2015
ardian11 i really want that rear roof spoiler 18-10-2013
Mad Mat is this thing still alive nate??? 16-08-2013
BGSP Love it 19-04-2010
mcwilly how hard were the seats to fit 17-08-2009
4ORGD r the parts for the other astina?? 20-04-2009
Madd_Maxx Lurv it 18-03-2009
mcwilly where did you get the dash from 12-02-2009
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